If the thesis is not submitted on time or does not pass. Help is available for searching for information at the AU libraries and at the State and University Library. Check the service information to see whether there are any scheduled events or emergencies that might explain the problem. If your application is accepted, your supervision plan will be adjusted. The same procedure will follow if you fail the second attempt.

Submit your application to ST Studies Administration via mit. You will be notified by e-mail once the thesis registration is in place. You can find all the relevant information about applying for a supervisor under the menu item, ‘ Supervisor “. The oral examination will be held as a group exam, however, students may choose to take the exam on an individual basis. Please contact the student counsellors if you need counselling or help to work out a study programme for the remaining part of your degree programme.

You must not use the registration web form for your 2nd and 3rd examination attempt, but please instead contact your supervisor directly. The grade is given in immediate continuation of the oral defence. These external partners matser want to make a written agreement to prevent any third party from getting access to confidential information. Check the service information to see whether there are any scheduled events or emergencies that might explain the problem.

Ideas for the master’s thesis

Pregnancy does not qualify as exceptional circumstances and therefore cannot be used to justify the postponement of the thesis submission deadline. You must subsequently have a revised problem formulation approved, after which you will be granted an additional period of three months. It is important to react immediately if you find your thesis is not running according to plan.


The thesis supervisor will inform you about the reasons for the grade, and you will discuss how the thesis may be improved in order to pass the exam.

aarhus university bss master thesis

The extra material does not have to be a pdf-file, and you can hand in more than one file up to a maximum aarhux of 5 GB. Find more information in the course description ‘Master’s thesis’ in the AU course catalogue.

Submission of thesis

If you have still not completed your thesis after these three months, it means you have used one more attempt and the deadline is extended by a further three months to the third and final attempt. Please note that your Master’s thesis must be uploaded and submitted by At a later supervision meeting, a revised thesis agreement will be drafted with a changed thesis statement which will be within the same subject area.

Each individual group member must fill out a thesis contract. When failing to submit the thesis for the second time, the procedure of the second examination attempt must be followed for your third exam attempt. Master students and failed exams.

aarhus university bss master thesis

You are entitled to receive feedback on your thesis once it has been assessed. You can contact both your supervisor and a student counsellor if you need to discuss your options. Harassment, bullying and thesks. See Inspiration for your thesis if you need additional support and supervision during the process.

aarhus university bss master thesis

Oral defence The department will send you information regarding the oral defence of the thesis either via mail or Blackboard. Even though you will automatically be registered for the master thesis, please notice that you need to apply for a supervisor. Power points Master’s thesis workshop – November Master’s thesis workshop Advanced article search. If you have written your Master’s thesis as a part of a group, this information is madter registered in the Digital Exam system.


Mastef connection with your thesis, you will be administratively registered for both ordinary examinations and first and second reexaminations.

Master’s Thesis

In case of illness or other unusual circumstances during the thesis period, it is possible to apply for exemption to extend the prescribed period. Do you have questions? If you choose a thesis with a journalistic product exam form 3and if you want to produce something that is not a printed article, the design and scope must be discussed with the journalistic co-supervisor and is subject to the final approval from the academic supervisor.

The defence takes place within the four week assessment period, which starts on the date where the thesis is submitted.

Once the contract has been approved in the generator, ST Studies Administration records the agreement and processes a binding examination registration. Thesis submission statement – School of Education.

You can find all the relevant tjesis about applying for a supervisor under the menu item, ‘ Supervisor “. Procedure for submission, guidelines and login. How and when should I register for the Master’s Thesis?

If you experience challenges at an early stage of your thesis, you and your supervisor can still manage to make adjustments so you can reach your goal on time. Step-by-step guide to thesis writing: The Faculty of Arts.

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