I type in model number, a description of the item, quantity, date purchased, and the vendor. With each entity we identify, we will define it in respect to the business. Each piece of Equipment is a particular EquipmentType. This system is about client service requests and client equipment and client configurations. A character alphanumeric description of the information stored in a software configuration record. Would you also have payments? That’s where that Check In Inventory use case comes in.

A PC that we build from individual parts is all components. If you buy it as one unit, do you get all the detailed component information and enter it to the columns? I can think of several ways to structure this data. Could we just dump all this information into a memo type of field? Specify all data types your instructor will specify the target database or allowable set of data types. A character alphanumeric postal code of a client. A replacement NIC can be a separate component.

I can think of several ways to structure this data. What else do we have to talk about with the component end of the system? We let the users name their own machines. Upload document Create flashcards.

case study ctts milestone 4 solution

Add the data attributes for each entity. Well, thanks for your time. A request for service on Equipment. Clean Technology Investment Programs. A component that has been checked into inventory A piece of information concerning software configuration for the Client and possibly for a piece of equipment. For each machine, we should be able to enter any number of components. But then we would end up with the equivalent of this spreadsheet filled with identifiers.


case study ctts milestone 4 solution

Refer to the transcript, sample forms, and results from Milestones for the information necessary to complete the activities. What would that look like?

Your instructor will specify additional system requirements for this part of the system. An inspection of past forms shows no quantity exceeding Some deal with web hosting or software. For complaints, use another form. It sounds like a lifesaver. And the date sokution the request comes in.

Case Study CTTS – Milestone 04 Data Modeling

Logical Data Model in 3rd Normal Form: Use feedback from your the ERD solution of Milestone 4 as well as the data dictionary provided at the end of this milestone to prepare the new data model. BarCode is the primary key for both EquipmentComponent and Inventory. A system-generated large integer numeric value unique to each service request.

The use cases and those forms you brought will be guiding our discussion in this meeting. Optional Entities A classification of Equipment.


Case study CTTS milestone 05 data model normalization – Tài liệu text

The Equipment entity has EquipNum as the primary key. Could we just dump all this information into a memo type of field? This is just a spreadsheet that we currently use to keep track of equipment in each PC.

Each piece of equipment is given a name. But I think 20 wtudy should be sufficient. The following tables contain the attributes identified from each form cfts the interview. How long are those identifiers? Sounds like more work.

case study ctts milestone 4 solution

Logon Multiple Values of Information i. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. Date field consisting of the date a component was removed from a piece of equipment. In those cases a complete system would be a single component.

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