Learning outcomes of information literacy instruction at business schools. The objective of this research project was to compare different methods of query generation to successfully retrieve academic documents, while assuming that the user has the basic document details. Library and Information Research , 35 1: Frontiers in Education Conference. This paper focuses on one of the characteristics: The availability of master program disks for program file restoration and recent, validated data backup is essential to recovery from a computer virus infection.

Literature surveys indicated that the sheer size of A variety of ways exist to ensure high rankings, some involving organic coding, others payment to search engines. This is to not only ensure that it is indexed by search engines, but also to ensure that the website is ranked highly during a search. Paid search engine vs organic results: No empirical work was found on how marketing expenses compare when used solely for either the one or the other of the two main types of search engine marketing. A comparison between text-based and Graphics-based hyperlinks on e-Commerce websites. It enabled students to learn from each other.

In conclusion, the study has shown that cloud computing benefits include the sharing of documents, videos, presentations, photos, calendars and other information communication technologies which are all valuable for managing projects.

Mobile application development and Ion Channels.

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The aim of this research project was to cpput what the degree of usability is of a sample of online reservation systems of Cape Town hotels. This study is intended to make website owners aware of the importance of choosing the appropriate URL to increase website visibility on the Internet.

The design of an online classroom and implementation of an activity. Information literacy practices of librarians at university libraries in South East Nigeria. For the purposes of the project, the traditional definition of digital content The hard reality, though, is that a well-designed site will not be successful if the potential customers cannot find the site.


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Although the Internet is used by different groups of users to achieve different objectives of information search, not all of them achieve these objectives. This collaborative learning environment created better understanding of the work. The website was then submitted to search engines and tested again in order to determine whether search engine result ranking had improved. However, no reference could be found to empirical work proving these claims.

The results indicated that the website now occupied first position on the three top search engines for a number of selected keyword definitions.

cput thesis format

The sample consisted of a number of primary school learners, as well as high school learners, higher education learners and young working people. This was done both before and after manually submitting each document’s URL to Google.

cput thesis format

An audit of the faculties’ subject guides showed that IL skills were partially integrated into the faculty’s curriculum, but were not covered in broad scope, depth, theoretical perspective or approach according to the IL standards. Usage of any of these keywords by a potential client of this search engine will result in a pop-up advertisement on the user’s screen. Jul Journal Name: Some mobile devices theeis access the Internet, but screen display size is a major restriction, due to size limitations.

Every one of these elements involves keywords in one way or another.

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Irrational user responses to virus symptoms provide a large potential source for damage to stored information. This system was de-commissioned at a given point, and SEO was implemented at the same time. Therefore, a high listing has become important in attracting visitors to a website.


All of these elements appeared to have a question mark over their positive contribution to the visibility of a webpage. The results indicate that the pay-per-click system did produce favourable results, but on the condition that a monthly fee has to be set aside to guarantee consistent traffic.

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In the case of both faculties, looking at the rate of those who attained the certificate, the CIL programme can be viewed as a success. Librarians face many challenges when delivering IL programmes, especially when it comes to collaboration with lecturers. This has become true even for academic webpages.

The research aim is to improve the standard of search engine results where accommodation in South Africa is the search key, using the Ananzi search engine. Aug Publication Name: Again, both traffic and expenses were monitored. It was shown during the study that text based sites are easily converted.

Students had to consult these sources to extract relevant information from different parts of the sources. Search engine optimisation versus Website usability—conflicting requirements? This system was decommissioned on a particular date and time, and an alternative search engine optimisation system was started at the same time.

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