Because we emphasize skill transfer and sustainability, we provide value for today and every day that follows. Dave also discusses techniques for overcoming resistance to these new techniques. Where can you find these problem solving leaders? Our systematic, data driven approach to problem solving will deliver measurable results to any company looking to improve quality and effectiveness while reducing overall costs. What we can predict is that change will be a constant and will include many technological advancements. Good decision making improves outcomes Historically, IT decisions were really based on whether or not a piece of code would work, or a hardware configuration would stand up to the load requirements of the business. Use a systematic approach independent of technical expertise.

K-T training allows organizations to raise the skill level of their staff, giving them new competencies in trouble shooting and problem solving. Suitable for for anyone in industry and IT who has to deal with supplier quality issues. K-T techniques will allow your incident and problem management teams to gather more information, quickly and with less documentation. Employing critical thinking is going to be the key to successfully navigating this new way of working. Kepner-Tregoe provides a unique combination of training and consulting services designed specifically to get to the root cause of problems and permanently address your organizational challenges.

Introduction to the Kepner-Tregoe analysis process: K-T is particularly known for its problem solving methodology, particularly in incident management, problem management and change management.

critical thinking kepner tregoe

Use a systematic approach independent of technical expertise. Innovators are curious, they look for fresh approaches and tend to see a bigger picture than critial world that is presented to them. They are expected to contribute to analyzing needs across the enterprise and have a growing role to play in managing stakeholder expectations. Kepner-Tregoe will be demonstrating a method that has answered our clients needs to hone troubleshooting skills in a tregpe to fail environment.


To keep teams cohesive, a common language for solving tregle and making decisions is needed. One important role they will often find themselves fulfilling is assessing the current situation against possible future situations. They are also the ones who are most difficult to take off-line for weeks at a time. Bringing critical thinking tools into the equation right from the strategy stage of the IT Service lifecycle will greatly improve the quality of the decision making process.

These skills empower people to work together to solve problems, make better-balanced decisions, and manage business-critical projects. The future of work will look different than the current landscape, and it is approaching rapidly.


For nearly 60 years, Kepner-Tregoe has empowered thousands of companies to solve millions of problems. Recorded Aug 10 6 mins. This approach became the international leader kpener developing critical thinking skills. Over two decades ago, the Secretary of Labor appointed a commission to determine the skills our young people would need to succeed in the working world.

But if you limit the application of KT to just this one part of your ITSM lifecycle, then you are missing out on the true benefits of the critical thinking KT critiical.

Providing Value in IT Service Management with Critical Thinking – Kepner-Tregoe

Improved problem solving will also reduce your service and support delivery costs. Where can you find these problem solving leaders? The major transformational changes forecasted for and beyond. Network with like-minded attendees More attendees. The major transformational changes forecasted for and beyond. Discover the components of a multi-disciplined daily management system that includes items such as escalating morning meetings, operator standard work, leader role modeling via daily walks, simple reporting templates and even phone-based apps kepnet prompts, guidance, and governance in the palm of your hand.


Providing Value in IT Service Management with Critical Thinking

The evolving definition and history of critical thinking How modern critical thinking models are being used by successful leaders today How to become a critical thinking star at work. Critical thinking and collaboration based on Kepner-Tregoe principles provides ROI quickly and provides measurable and long-term improvement opportunities.

Using an easy to follow roadmap they will keoner a common approach to problem solving, prompting them to ask the right questions at critical times.

What you will learn: The Kepner-Tregoe definition of a problem. If we can save millions for a manufacturer, restore IT service for a stock exchange, and help Apollo 13 get back from space, we can help your business achieve success.

You will also learn: Join Shane Criyical and David Frank as they take you through a Proactive Problem Management journey using the example of the systematic group of failures that lead the Titanic to that iceberg to help you understand how service organizations can manage risk effectively and avoid business failure.

We empower you to solve problems.

critical thinking kepner tregoe

Kepner-Tregoe is a global leader in improving hregoe performance through proprietary organizational transformation and troubleshooting methodologies. Critical thinking through rational, unbiased analysis is still a bedrock for survival in business today. Innovators are curious, they look for fresh approaches and tend to see a bigger picture than the world that is presented to them. Decisions that used to be made by a handful of leaders huddled in thinkinh conference room now require multiple stakeholders across globally distributed teams with exponentially more data inputs.

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