Anyway, you’ve got to sneak up on and scare the three Fear Tech students that are terrorising the Monsters University Campus. Select the “Monsters University” option and then “New Game”. He’s found patrolling the building to the left of the Fear Hall building, start sneaking as soon as you see him and follow him around until you get close enough to scare him. Use the Cracklin’ Backpack if you don’t already own it you’ll have to go back to Monsters University to open up the package when you buy it and throw into each window. An Incoming Call Ender is your reward.

The four canisters over the half pipe are by far the hardest. That’ll unlock the School Colors Ender and rescue the twins. Squishy has this mission for you, he’s still near the fountain. Talk to the tall black monster near the base of the Clock Tower to start the mission to leave the area. Climb up to the roof the same way you did before, like climbing the ledges near the bridge section, and then jump up a bit further onto the orange roof and across the wire with the furled up banner. Homework Hero Last Edited: That’ll open the gate, unlock the Scream Energy Launcher toy and activate all of the buttons around campus for you to use.

A little trickier with the invisible walktnrough added now, you need to knock out eight students in total. Completing this mission also unlocks the “Beastly Bike” toy which you can use ealkthrough ride around campus on, it’s quite expensive for this point in the game though.

This one requires you to scare away the three Fear Tech students that are near the Clock Tower. To get up onto the house you can just climb the lamppost and slide over the wire to it, climb the one on the opposite side of the road so you slide in the correct direction.

Monster University – A Peaceful Balance |

I’d suggest buying the Cracklin’ Backpack right away so you don’t have to come back and open the package later when you need it for a mission. On the right side of the road just before the end is the HSS lot, there are four crates dotted around it, one in the middle, one over to the left by a tree, one to the back and one to the right next to the building walithrough door.


The second flag is on the opposite side of the fountain, to get up there climb onto the ledges sticking out of the black parts yomework the building, then shimmy to the side at the top to continue going up another black piece of the building all the way to the roof. Seven is to the west of the main gates on the outside, eight’s back inside to the west of the gates, nine’s directly north behind the Library, ten is a little further north behind the same building and the last one is to the west next to the wall.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

The next guy is over by the fountain, pick him up and carry him back to the customisation building to change his hat and foam finger. Go around the corner, sneak up on the student there, and then throw into the last two windows to finish the mission.

After ROR on a Wire you can talk to the tall yellow monster with purple hair.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

A yellow sort of SpongeBob looking student has this mission over by the dorms to the right of the main building. Go through the gate to the north-west and climb up the Clock Tower again, the same way you did when rescuing Homewrk and Terry. You’ll find Don over by the steps of the main building north of the fountain.

Jump down and head north to another wire going across the road, again climb the lamppost to get up to the two banners on there. And the fourth and final one is just slightly further along, repeat to complete. This time is a little trickier than before, you now have to sneak up on the simulator monster and scare it without it spotting you.

Once infinkty simply walk in front of it to be mondters over the fence.

There are a few trash bags around, apparently smashing them counts as cleaning up don’t try this with real trash bags so get smashing, one is on the corner, another is to the right of the entrance, a third is in the middle of the road going south, one more to the side of that, and finally one along the driveway of the first house on the right side.

Talk to the pink monster outside the PNK House that you just built. Talk to the tall black monster near the base of the Clock Tower to start the mission to leave the area. There’s a purple spotty monster up on the roof of a building to the west of the Fear Tech fountain, climb a nearby building to get across to it. The first poster is obviously up on the wall of the building here, keep shooting it until the blue circle expands and it marks you down for 1 of Night falls on Fear Tech so the students will now be carrying torches which doesn’t really mean much but you can see them easierhead east to the far end of campus and then north along the backs of the buildings.


Once on the roof pick up the student and then throw him off anywhere.

Disney Infinity Walkthrough – Monsters University: Football Wrapper

The second statue is in the north-west corner of the Fear Tech campus, left of Fear Hall. They take very few her to destroy while you can take several. Do the same thing for the second banner on the other part of the building.

Knock the banner off the south side of the Library by standing on the hooks, scare the toilet paper off the spike corners of the roof, and clear the toilet paper off the edges of the ledge above the door to finish. Just keep going until you’ve got all This will open up the Monster Customisation where you can customise monsters. Next start with a simple single jump at the top, then work on getting more air by double jumping and boosting with the stick.

Back to Don Carlton, the simplest way to do this is to just switch out the Ender from the previous mission for another Launcher. And another mystery mission. To the left of the fountain is a blue and yellow building you’ll need to climb, to get to the top you go back a short distance and to the left where there’s a covering part of the building sticking out across the path, go to the outer edge of that and jump and climb up the pillar next to the hedge.

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