The Sanskrit inscription recording its foundation in contains an elaborate genealogy of Rudradeva’s ancestry However, no other evidence supports this tradition. A fragmentary Kannada language inscription also states that the Kakatiya general Bhairava defeated the Yadava army probably in or after CE, which may be a reference to his repulsion of Mahadeva ‘s invasion. Much of the information about the Kakatiya period comes from inscriptions, including around 1, stone inscriptions, and 12 copper-plate inscriptions. Newer Post Older Post Home. Interestingly, most of the temple women or Gudisanis were daughters of respectable men like Nayakas and Settis and temple women were not barred from marriage.

In it was born the king named Prola, who was renowned for being exceedingly judicious. The noted poets who were the authors of the epigraphs of this age are Nandi, Acchitendra Antantasuri and Iswarasuri. The military organization of the Kakatiyas was based on Nayamkara system. The Kakatiyas by their support of art and their integrative polity improved agriculture, commerce and trade in the interior and construction of temples in Telangana, Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra. Pala dynasty Kamboja-Pala dynasty.

She was the first woman ruler of Kakatiya Dynasty as well as Andhra region. Nothing further is known about this chief.

There is also a view that Kakatiya polity is an integrative polity. Esssy other ruling dynasties of Andhra also claimed descent from Durjaya. He established order in his vast dominion and encouraged trade. Cynthia Talbot rejects the image of a static village and a caste based organization during this period as Varna and Jati are less visible in the Kakatiya lithic records and hence she argues that the idealized paradigm of Varna and Jati are not relevant.

Age of the Kakatiyas: Society, Economy, Polity and Culture

The famous poet Tikkana Somayaji who was the court poet. Muslim rulers were no longer conceived as diametrically opposed to the figure of Prataparudra, but rather as rulers of equal status. Due to the skills, the powerful dynasty founded by Prola II, during Rudradeva period Orugallu became the new capital of Kakatiya dynasty.

After the decline of the Rashtrakuta power, the Kakatiyas served as vassals of the Kalyani Chalukyas. The epigraphs of the Kakatiyas refer to them as the lords of Kakatipura. Sanskrit Sources and the MuslimsNew Delhi: However, in his attempts to occupy the Velanati kingdom he lost his life at the hands of Rajendra Choda, the prince of the Velanati Telugu Chodas of Chgandolu. Just as the Seuna and Hoysala dynasties took control of linguistically related areas during the 13th century, so too did the Kakatiyas kakaitya the rule of Ganapati.


Age of the Kakatiyas: Society, Economy, Polity and Culture

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Even before the arrival of the dynasty, there were large, well-established and well-endowed Hindu places of worship in the relatively populous delta areas; however, the temples of the uplands, which were smaller and less cosmopolitan in origin and funding, did not exist until the Kakatiya period.

He selected his eldest daughter Rudrama to succeed him and made her his co-regent from AD to to enable her to gain experience in the art of rulership.

Alauddin’s son Mubarak Shah responded by sending another of his generals, Khusrau Khanto Orugallu with a force that bristled with technology previously unknown in the area, including trebuchet -like machines. There is a disparity between analysis of inscriptions, of which the work of Cynthia Talbot has been in the vanguard, and the traditional works of Vedic Hinduism that described pre-colonial India in terms of a reverent and static society that was subject to the strictures of the caste system.

In the 13th century, Kakatiya Dynasty faces numerous attack of the Delhi Sultanate and finally came to an end in AD when Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq captured the capital city Warangal. The military organization enabled the Kakatiyas to be aggressive and rapidly expand as an Andhra power from the core region or nuclear zone of Telangana to the coastal districts and hence to Rayalaseema or South-West Andhra and to penetrate to the Tamil region also.

Both agriculture and trade and commerce, particularly long distance trade acted as a catalyst in carrying the Kakatiya state and making it economically sound.


Kakatiya dynasty – Wikipedia

Sangam period BC — AD. Newer Post Older Post Home. Esway Nandi images at Palampet, Thousand-pillared temple, Sambhuni Gudi, Ghanapur, Kolanupalli are some of the best examples with profuse bell ornamentation.

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The city buildings and palaces seated within the stone wall of the fort, as a pn of the soldiers carefully look after them. The demise of Kakatiya dynasty resulted in confusion and anarchy under alien rulers for sometime, before the Musunuri Nayaks brought stability to the region.

Kakatiya Dynasty, the Famous Telugu Dynasty

This above list gives an idea of exports and imports from Motupalli port to other Indian regions along the coast as well to foreign territories. The Bayyaram tank inscription from the reign of Ganapati-deva names the family’s founder as Venna, and states that he resided at Kakati, because of which his descendants came to be known as Kakatishas.

He consolidated and pushed the kingdom to the east up to the Godavari delta.

essay on kakatiya dynasty

The most notable among these works include PrataparudriyamKrida-bhiramamuPanditaradhya-charitamuSivayogasaramuNitisaraNiti-shastra-muktavaliNritta-ratnavaliPratapa-charitaSiddheshvara-charitraSomadeva-rajiyamuPalnativira-charitraVelugotivari-vamsavaliand Velugotivari-vamsacharitra.

It can be concluded that multiplicity of social foci existed in Kakatiya phase, wherein both kingship ties and territorial proximity created linkages among people based on factors like military service, a common sectarian membership or similar occupation. They built water tanks and digging many wells for cultivation. On the basis of these literary and epigraphical evidences, it can be suggested that Kakati was a Pura or town and the family name Kakatiya might have been based on the original connection of the family with that town.

Another epigraph notes that a number of agricultural products offered for sale in Warangal market included rice, wheat, and other grains and assorted vegetables, coconuts, mangoes, tamarind and other fruits, sesame seeds, green lentils, mustard, honey, ghee, oil, turmeric and ginger.

essay on kakatiya dynasty

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