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On Chasabl, big isn't just beautiful—it's downright sexy! This is an app for two kinds of guys: chasable big men (chubs, chubby bears, bears and superchubs) and the men who love them. Chasabl is an app for chasers who spent their childhoods admiring the chubby kid in class or the bigger handsome men on TV. And it's. Shunned By Peers, Fat Gay Men Create Their Own Culture - FourTwoNine Kenna. Age: 20. christy Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Jun 4, - Are you one of them or know someone who is a chubby chaser of morbidly obese men? If so share your stories Too fat for most guys, but not fat or old enough for the chubby chasers. Most of them seem to . with that guy. TRUTH is that there are alot of haters in the gay society who are alone because of there Chasers. Latoya. Age: 27. I enjoy travelling, reading, being relaxed and new experiences.. Shunned By Peers, Fat Gay Men Create Their Own Culture I'm chubby (say lbs overweight) if I want to find the hot twink or jock type who's into me, where are the best places?Chubby chasers?: gay. BiggerCity is the largest online community for gay chubby men and chasers (admirers). Huge galleries, video chat, profiles, events, forums, and lots more.

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Lela. Age: 24. I am a young beautiful woman with a deep look and soft skin Dec 30, - Many people know what it's like to not like what you're supposed to like — not just chubby chasers. Lucas is desperately trying to be normal, trying to not be stuck with the stigma of liking fat, or at least not liking only fat men. But just as many men come to see that they like only gay sex, I and a lot of other. Aug 29, - Oliverio now considers himself a gay chubby chaser, a sexual preference that goes against the grain of muscle-obsessed queerdom. “I still get a lot of: 'Who does he think he is? He must have low self-esteem,' or people think it's an ego thing, as if chasers just want someone they can feel better than,” he. Jan 2, - Oliverio believes that many gay men are closet chubby chasers, but they deny their desires for meatier men because of the stigma surrounding fat. “Many other guys fight against it or think of fucking a fat guy as a guilty pleasure or, worse, a dirty secret,” he says. “Again, the stigma of fat.” He knows this.


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