However, you can still apply to the dean of studies to take certain advanced study modules up to a maximum of 12 ECTS credits. Yes, but then you would extend your master studies with the internship period. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and the procedure for doing a internship. To consider all matters relating to graduate programs at Tarleton State University and to recommend practices and procedures More information. Exceptions to these regulations can only be made only in very rare cases upon application with a detailed explanation to the Examinations Office. Mostly it is not mandatory to be in Furtwangen and most professors could conduct the thesis meetings online. If you receive this permission, you will be able to start advanced studies.

You can register for the thesis on the following dates: The number of terms specified in More information. What is the Studi-Portal? And then click on the link; Master. It is based on the official examination regulations More information. The course is taught in English.

This degree is geared toward those students who plan to work in an administrative capacity in a higher More information.

hfu thesis registration

Frequently Asked Questions Last updated 5 December So if you have an internship until end of May for example, register you r thesis in March reyistration fill in start date 1. Furtwangen Admissions Office, A 1. The required work must then be completed with the lecturer who is teaching the course in that semester — you are not entitled to take an exam with a specific lecturer.


hfu thesis registration

It is recommended that applicants read. Joint regulations More information. At this point you can download and print your new confirmation of enrolment Studienbescheinigungen.

Environment and Energy, B. As this are the. Application Requirements More information.

Business Consulting Masters (MSc)

The Semester Thewis, a public transport pass from the regional public transport services Verkehrsverbund Schwarzwald Baar – VSB which allows students discounted travel by rail and bus, is also available in the Schwarzwald-Baar district. Home Planning Structure of degree programmes Form downloads.

When should I register for the thesis?

hfu thesis registration

You can always check the deadlines and important dates on the following link; 2. Fact file Place of study Kamp-Lintfort More information.

There is no relation between finishing the thesis and exmatriculation. About the Master of Arts in History Contact: Framework provisions of the Academic Regulations If you have completed more compulsory elective courses than required, you will be able to choose which of these should be included in the preparation of your degree certificate.


As this are the More information. The completed application form for leave of absence Antrag auf Beurlaubung – currently available in German only must be submitted to the Examinations Office no later than the end of the first week of the lecture period.

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Withdrawal from an exam may occur due to illness. How to register for the thesis? The Online Application registratlon be closed on 1 June, Library users must use their HFU-Card to pay inter-library loan charges and any library fines.

However, you can still apply to the dean of studies to take certain advanced study modules up to a maximum of 12 ECTS credits.

Form downloads

Legal foundation These requirements have been formulated in accordance More information. MSc Telecommunications Management 1. Admission and matriculation regulations German.

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