Sir Syed was of the view that British were a civilized, educated, wise and disciplined nation and occupied India with the new war strategy and munitions that could not be matched by the locals and particularly by the Muslims. Books Suggestions, Forum Tools Sticky: If Pakistan has seen most of its period under the dictators, the role of the USA is also undeniable in this regard. To be sure, the constant weakening of democratic system in the country is not an overnight phenomenon. It has resolved not to allow any steps which could mar its independent spirit. Personalization of pakistani politics Role of political parties in pakistan

Mar Sureshlasi Location: Resultantly, parliament is replete with the feudal. In the past, the judiciary was always led by dictatorial regimes as a tool to legitimate their rule. Sweet are the uses of adversity Socio-Economic challenges faced by Pakistan Most of the history is guessing and rest is prejudice

He tried to transform Muslim minds from medieval outlook to a modern one.

Pakistan Affairs The books I importabce include: Pluralistic vision of Islam Fourth Reich Senior Member Posts: Education enables an individual to differentiate between a myth and a fact and discern the truth from the false. Lawyers, doctors and different social organisations, and human rights, activists are usually seen protesting against the undemocratic behaviour of the government.

Under this brutal systemnot even girls but also boys are not allowed to get any education. They start to do corruption on massive scale. He said that the European view of duality of religion and state does not apply here in the Indian society. Civil war “in afghanistan” consequences for regional countries Devolution of power in pakistan It has resolved not to allow any steps which could mar its independent spirit.


Requisites for social progress in Pakistan In the presence of such diseased political norms, democratic values cannot be propagated on proper lines. The Gorum institutes are inadequate for growing population.

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It popularized the agitational politics that Muslims could not impotance because they were still recovering the past gaps. It encouraged the Muslims to launch struggle for their rights parallel to the Indian National Congress but it required an organized platform. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

They have never allowed any ordinary foum to be part of their political parties. Muslims should get rid of Indianism, it is better for Muslims and Islam.

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Delhi Muslim Proposals 2. Aside from undemocratic behaviour, the politicians who dominate the political scene usually lack moral character.

importance of education essay css forum

Science and religion One third Muslim representation in cabinets. Although the abovementioned factors have made the prospects of democracy highly bleak in the country, but there have emerged some optimistic trends over the last couple of years, which provide a ray of hope with respect to the future of democracy in the country.


They are no longer educatio to welcome undemocratic regime.

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The Muslim community supported it strongly but Hindus retaliated furiously saying it the division of motherland. Thus education also helps garner national cohesion. Indian muslims and turkey. Because of these parties stronghold in the political arena, radical clerics have become so strong that the government and the state machinery seem helpless before them.

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Enter the imporfance address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. It would be quite appropriate to take into account these trends in order to have a better view of the scenario. Among the above mentioned books, I found the one written by Sir Hafiz Karim Dad the most foru, and in accordance with the revised syllabus. Similarly, cures for erstwhile incurable diseases, travelling to space and information of life on other planets find their roots in education.

This tendency, had it continued long, would have proved disastrous for the Muslim community.

importance of education essay css forum

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