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Let's start with the very basics: 'golden showers' – also sometimes known as 'watersports' – are sex acts that involve urine. The technical Naturally, given that we usually flush urine directly down the toilet, there's a lot of squeamishness about whether playing with wee in a sexual context is hygienic or not. I'm delighted to. Why You Should Pee In The Shower, According To Mathematics | IFLScience Dominno. Age: 23. My name is Bryoni and I am a very warm and deeply passionate companion available in The Netherlands (I am located in The Netherlands) What is the most prominent chemical in urine? Aug 27, - "You are basically peeing on yourself and then standing in a puddle of your own urine. It doesn't get washed away immediately, especially if your drain is a little clogged and you wind up with a kind of shower-bath hybrid situation. There is already a place where you can pee and it is called the toilet. Lioness. Age: 26. I enjoy travelling, reading, being relaxed and new experiences.. Why You Should Pee In The Shower, According To Mathematics Jun 9, - Every single time you pee, you have to flush the toilet. Whereas those foul smelly poops do need considerable amounts of water to send them off to the mysterious aquatic underworld below, urine barely needs any encouragement once the flushing begins. Although many toilet flushes can be stopped part. The most common defense for peeing in the sink is that it's the best way to urinate while harboring an early morning or post-coitus erection. Peeing while erect can be a messy affair. Unlike a flaccid dong that droops down toward the toilet bowl, an erect one is horizontal (more or less), making it hard to aim the urine stream.

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Alexis. Age: 18. ** Reservations with min Jun 11, - Here's why you should pee in the shower. (Picture: Getty/ It's the hot button issue of our time: to pee or not to pee? In the shower, we mean. Everyone has to wee. But whether or not it's okay to take a piss while getting clean is a fiercely debated question that's broken friendships, torn apart. May 29, - She will have to take a piss in a place that isn't a traditional sit-down toilet situation, and so will you. Here's how to do it without getting pee all over yourself, getting arrested, or accidentally urinating for an audience. Just pull over, stick your butt out of the car and give the shoulder a golden shower. Aug 5, - Peeing in the shower: Lucy Mangan sets out the rules. The water not only provides a cloaking effect, it also avoids lingering contact between the non-lavatory bowl porcelain and your urine. The idea is that it is whisked away pee in the shower. But don't wash in the toilet, and never, ever poo in the bath.


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