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Oct 11, - Not too long ago I snapped up a white GFS VEH humbucker to go in my cheap import Strat. Was more curious than anything and since I was getting a new bridge for it too (the MIM with steel block drops right in to these guitars with minimal work, BTW), decided to see if the pickup was worth it. Cheap guitar  "GFS" Guitar Fetish P'ups? Installed my GFS VEH pickup tonight | Harmony Central Pussykat. Age: 19. Hello Gents I'm 18 and I've been playing for three years. I completely agree with the OP. Here's my sound test of the GFS " VEH " Vintage Extra Hot bridge pickup. This guitar pickup is a very. June. Age: 27. If you are willing to spend a very nice time with some sweet and sexy lady in vilnius, you have found me here! Guitar Fetish GFS VEH Humbucking Pickup Set 2012 Zebra Just a quick video trying out my mew Kodak Zi8. I used the external mic input on this camera to mic my cab. The. This is a partscaster I build using mostly guitar fetish parts. I wish I had a better and and mic around for this.

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Celeste. Age: 29. Latin, with dark brown hair and eyes, olive skin, body well maintained and fit Feb 19, - The GuitarFetish GFS VEH. Hold on! Is there V and H in that name? V? H? VH? Well, yep, there sure is. While I'm no Eddie clone, I've become a sucker for Eddie-themed pickups. The ones I've tried so far are all good “rock” pickups with a lot of variety. I ran across this particular pickup a few years back. The bridge pickup is wound to k and the neck is k. They were made specifically to recreate what EVH used back in the day, low output pickup through a high gain amplifier cranked full. Repost to correct forum. Anyone tried the new GFS EVH pickups? Pretty cheap price, do they hit the Brown sound? VEH- Vintage Extra Hot Alnico Zebra-.


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