It as a place for fun, relaxation and recreation. Indeed, Rizal Park has blossomed into a radiant fulfillment of what the Filipino hero himself might have dreamed. What are the frequent Problems encountered by the foreign and local tourists within the vicinity of the Park? It is also interesting to note that fronting the Rizal monument is the kilometer zero marker of the Philippines. More than just a place to stroll around the park is indeed a sanctuary to all people. And within the park are Chinese and Japanese gardens, orchidarium and butterfly pavilion, several historical markers, plazas, a grand stadium, restaurant and many more.

Its continued cleanliness and order is a tribute to the people who use it more than to those who tend to it. I hate it when teachers would ask us to pass an essay and write about the things that we learned. This may cause an increase in economic status of religion, viewed that developing tourist destination which will help to attract tourists. It can be used by CEU and other educational establishments could be given accurate report on the account of the Rizal Park as an important asset and as an expressive tourist attraction. Descriptive method of research is a fact-finding study with the adequate and accurate interpretation of the findings. Our tour guide was very accommodating.

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He designed a U-shaped composition of buildings, but only three were constructed. Jose Rizal, who was detained the prior to thesix execution in But I found the tour that was held on September 26 and 27 were very interesting, informative and learning that I can used in my future career.

luneta park thesis

They could be used as future reference especially to those who would make a research in line with this study. The third part perceived effects of the development of Rizal Park.


Our last destination is the City Garden Hotel. Oark 7 shows that majority of the respondents are single 72 out of parrk It was used to tabulate the data, with as corresponding frequency for each category and it described the distribution of scores to be obtained.

The park has beautiful gardens, facilities and can be used as venue for a particular event. The experience has allowed me to observe the public service career path and now I believe it is a path that I want to take. Scope and Limitation of the Study.

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Reviewer Life of Dr Jose Rizal. Through my connecting experience, I have been able to refine my professional ;ark of becoming a chef or maybe an employee to a hotel. We had given a time to prepare lyneta also to take some rest but we need to go back to attend the seminar. In the process, tourism will have developed a national sense of pride either through domestic tourism as more Filipinos see the beauty of their country or through foreign tourist as more visitors to appreciate and take pleasure in indigenous Filipino attractions Manila Bulletin,p.

Tourism and Rizal Park

It is the number of people who arrive at a destination Goeldner, National Parks Development Committee N. Skip to main content. Even so, the surroundings area may suffer because access roads cannot cope with the added volume of traffic. Rizal Park as everybody seen it today is the product of years of painstaking work by thousands of unknown citizens who gave of their time and their labors to create something of beauty where there was nothing but yawning wilderness in the ppark heart of the premier city.

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This study luheta related to the present research because this gives to the entire tourist, like the problems that they may encounter as they visit the places, like traffic, pollution and crowd in Manila. ByDaniel Bumham, architect and city planner chose Bagumbayan as the site of the proposed American government center. And within the park are Chinese and Japanese gardens, orchidarium and butterfly pavilion, several historical markers, plazas, a grand stadium, restaurant and many more.

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The Perceptions of the local and foreign tourists on the development of the new Rizal Park in terms of: Subject of the Study The subjects of the study are mainly local and foreign tourists who visited Rizal Park. Never before thexis concerts, fashion shows, ballet, and cultural offerings, all of high quality, been.

Respondents who has visited Rizal Park. However, the volume of foreign tourist prak will have stabilized in line with the absorptive capacity of the economy and in specific tourist markets that the Philippines will have catered to; tourist arrivals will have assumed a more balanced nationality profile.

The park is indeed a sanctuary to people from all walks of life.

These beef up experience of visitors beyond appreciating the attractions. Free essay samples Essays Tourism and Rizal Park. Retrieved May 23,from https:

luneta park thesis

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