Flexibility – relatively little flexibility is required by the NC service – every week collections are the same with perhaps some minor variation in volume; however, the GR service has to cope with a wide range of recycling tasks at whatever volume customers demand. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Certainly the rest of the organization would not look to operations as the source of any originality, flair or competitive drive. An empty bag is left for the householders to use for the next collection. The operation drives the company’s strategy? What is its single-factor labour productivity and its multi-factor productivity now? Increasingly, they are getting tough on negotiating year-an-year price reductions from us but they are broadly happy with our performance because of our exceptional quality.

The more guests we have, the higher is our utilization of rooms and restaurants, and this is what really keeps cost per guest down and profitability reasonable. Speed – as such is not important for the NC service it follows a fixed timetable but it is important for the GR service to collect within 24 hours as promised. So, for example, TNT Express customers are willing to pay more for the services which deliver faster. He recognized that “it is impeccable customer service which gives them their competitive advantage, not price. The quantity of door panels being processed will be determined by the forecasts for demand six weeks ahead.

operational objectives at the penang mutiara case study answers

At the other extreme, the supermarket’s costs are dominated by the cost of buying its supplies. View my complete profile. Quality of service also means helping guests sort out their own problems. TNT Express is the world’s leading business-to-business express delivery company, delivering 3.

Plans include extending the technology to provide answwers estimated times of arrival every time a cab is called and automatic call back to confirm each reservation.

However, it is not always possible to land a helicopter safely at night because of possible overhead wires and other hazards so conventional ambulances will always be needed, both to get paramedics quickly to accident victims and to speed them to hospital. Being cheap is our speciality Hon Hai Precision Industry is sometimes called the biggest company you have never heard of.


If a guest has a request, he or she has that request now cade it needs to be sorted out now. What do you think are the external advantages and disadvantages of this to the stakeholders of the operation? The difference between the two measures is explained in terms of the distinction between the cost of the inputs to the operation and the way qt operation is managed to convert inputs into outputs.

Furthermore, high-variety operations do not usually produce in high volume. So, high flexibility gives the ability to produce a high variety of products or services. Another book extolling the virtue of speed.

Operations objectives at Penang Mutiara Essay Example for Free – Sample words

Jaded, Conclusion As a conclusion, Penang Mutiara Resort can sustain the competitiveness with their current strategy. The model traces the progression of the operations function from what is the largely negative role of stage 1 operations to it becoming the central element of competitive strategy in excellent stage 4 operations.

GO TO A stage 4 company is one which sees the operations function as providing the foundation for its I competitive success. It is objecyives to make life easier inside the operation. It has carefully focused its service concept and delivery system to attract customers in a highly competitive market. Industry practice operationap standards will be accreted by companies. Supporting business strategy Operations should support strategy Support strategy goes beyond simply implementing strategy.

It is benefit to make life easier inside the operation. Dependability saves time It effectively arranging the facilities, information, material, workforce, money and time to ensure all of them can be available at any time, saves the time to wait or to look for other substitutes.

The idea that operations can have a leading role in determining a company’s strategic direction is not universally supported. Quality increases dependability Good quality leads to stable and efficient studt that less mistake, easy for ordination for matching the standard of processes, dependable and advanced equipments and tools to use adds dependability for internal customers.


All of which means that TNT Operations management is a ‘make or break’ activity 2A Express must continually update its network of air, road and sortation facilities ohjectives perfect the seamless integration of all its processes.

A Case Study on the Operations Objectives at the Penang Mutiara

As soon as the vehicle’s air bag is triggered, an on-board computer reports through the mobile phone network to a control centre drivers can also trigger the system manually if not too badly hurtsatellite tracking allows the vehicle to be precisely located and the owner identified if special medication is penanh.

On our general model of operations management they are represented by the areas marked on Figure 2. For example Paris Miki, an up-market eyewear retailer which has the largest number of eyewear stores in the world, uses its own ‘Mikissimes Design System’ to capture a digital image of the customer and analyze facial characteristics.

Hayes and Wheelwright’s four stages of operations contribution The four-stage model of operations contribution Model devised by Hayes and Wheelwright that categorizes the degree to which operations management has a positive influence on overall strategy. Fractures, cuts or drug overdoses do not come in batches. PPTX – Systems, software and technology. In not-for-profit operations, these stakeholder groups can overlap. If we have any problems with managing this operation, the customer sees them immediately and that’s the biggest incentive for us to take operations performance seriously.

This eliminates wasteful disruption and allows the other micro operations to operate efficiently. For example, if an insurance company has a strategy of moving to operarional entirely on-line service, its marketing ‘operation’ must organize appropriate promotions activities. Most of all, though, quality is

operational objectives at the penang mutiara case study answers

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