Blister on bottom of bunny foot

Exposure to harsh and wet surfaces, or moist surfaces which keep the tissue of the foot pads soft can predispose a rabbit to developing sores on the feet. loss and other early symptoms on the bottom surfaces of the rear feet; Grade II – Rabbits with this mild stage of the disease will experience hair loss on the feet or hocks. Rabbit Feet, sore hocks in rabbits, caring for sores and calluses Britney. Age: 30. 100% real pictures, NO bait & switch here gentlemen We have selected our affiliate products carefully with the purpose of improving your experience, both on the Raising-Rabbits website, and in the ease of the care you provide your rabbits. Sore hocks, or pododermatitis, is a pressure-related condition in which the “soles” (weight-bearing undersides) of a rabbits' feet become raw and inflamed, and in particularly severe cases, ulcerated. Get your rabbit's bedding and their bottom area dryer, softer and cleaner to keep the developing sores from getting worse. Tara. Age: 25. shower with me One more step Rabbit Feet. Info on calluses and open sores on the bottom of rabbit hocks. How they got them and how to take care of sore hocks in rabbits. Sep 14, - Sore hocks, also known as pododermatitis, is a very common problem in pet rabbits. It occurs when the bottom of a rabbit's foot develops sores that eventually become inflamed and infected. Many factors can contribute to sore hocks, such as excess weight and wire mesh cage flooring. Sore hocks can be.

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Jada. Age: 19. Thanks for stopping by and a very warm welcome The following diagrams show how you can safely wrap your rabbit's feet in special "booties" that will protect the bare areas of her feet to prevent sore hocks, if she is showing signs of fur loss on her soles. IF THERE ARE OPEN SORES ON YOUR RABBIT'S FEET, DO NOT WRAP THEM AS SHOWN BELOW UNTIL YOU. Dutchess (my bun) has a plastic cage bottom, not wire, so that's not the issue. I put some vaseline once a day on them like the vet tech suggested, and now her hocks are pink rather than red, and it looks like a little callus or blister is forming on both of her hocks. She isn't walking or favoring her feet at all. I don't really understand how this happened all of a sudden, we last checked his neuter incisions about a week ago and his feet looked just fine. .. Bunnies with Hock Sores need to be removed from any hard surface cage, wood, tile, plastic (never cage a bunny on a wire bottom as that is super cruel).


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