The biggest problem was that he had failed to solve the economic and social problems that they started out with. Tone and others formed The United Iris hmen and, with French help, led an uprising to win greater freedom for the oppressed Irish people. The people of Arras chose Robespierre as one of their delegates. But he was also a rather cold person who had few close friends. Now you can mention the Committee of Public Safety. George Washington was born in Virginia and his family were wealthy farmers who grew tobacco and owned slaves. He began his career as a soldier in the Colonial army where he was trained by the English and became an officer.

He also was an economist so he wanted economic and political unity and he spent decades working for this. Louis was delighted because he believed the Austrians would win the war, overthrow the Revolution and restore him to the throne. In the period after the king’s execution, tensions in the convention resulted in a power struggle between the Jacobins and the more moderate Girondins. Who took over as head of the country after Robespierre? Louis desperately needed to raise taxes in order to generate revenue for the government.

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Up to now, most people assumed that the King had a God-given junioe to rule France and the noble people ought to have special privileges. They proposed that power should rest with the people and that all people should be treated equally. Washington was elected as the first president and he served two terms for eight years.


Kennedy was the President of the USA in the early s.

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Against a backdrop of the threat of foreign invasion and increasing disorder in the country, the committee began the ‘Reign of Terror’, ruthlessly eliminating all those considered enemies of the revolution.

Robespierre was regarded as some sort of hero. Questions cegt test yourself.

Maximilian Robespierre

The content of this site is the intellectual property of e-xamit. When the people of Paris heard that soldiers were junkor, they took to the streets in search of arms to defend the Assembly. With the king out of the picture, Robespierre turned on his enemies in the Convention itself.

These ideas impressed many. In the first place, he raised a large army and saved France from invasion.

Austria and its ally, Prussia, invaded France and threatened Paris itself. Also ships from the USSR were heading in the direction of Cuba with what looked like parts of missiles. A small, neatly dress man, he trained and worked as a lawyer. What was the Bastille? This was based on the thinking of the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau of whom Robespierre was a passionate advocate.

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In the end Kennedy ordered a blockade to be set up to prevent these ships getting to Cuba. He rapidly became the dominant force on the committee. Examiner is looking for what you know about the leader. Many of these victims lost their heads to the guillotine.


Maximilien Robespierre (1758-1794)

The Jacobins used the power of the mob to take control and the Girondin leaders were arrested. He later founded The Jacobin Cluba group that jhnior great influence during the Revolution. Then Robespierre lost the support of many people by not ending the Terror. In the summer ofRobespierre and his followers achieved their goal: Later, he became a member of the Continental Congress, which held meetings in Philadelphia, and all 13 colonies sent representatives.

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robespierre essay junior cert

When the Convention called for his arrest, the dictator attempted suicide but embarrassingly failedwhich shocked many of his followers.

He was a member of a political party in India called the Indian National Congress party and he began to organise strikes and peaceful demonstrations against British rule in India.

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