Hand sucked into winch

Nov 1, - Thorns, wire, and cactus can become imbedded in synthetic rope, steel cables can fray, and your hand (and arm) can get pulled into the fairlead and around the drum of the winch. The results are painful and can be devastating. You could lose a finger or even your hand if it gets sucked into the winch. Winch For My Truck | Bushcraft USA Forums Jana. Age: 27. I am Alisia, an exclusive independent escort girl and finest travel com panion! She also reminds us that allowing a winch line to slide through even a gloved hand is asking for injury. You have to let the cable run through that gloved hand to get it to wind correctly. He released the winch handle and his hand swept to the pistol on his hip when he felt his legs pulled out from beneath him. He reached up and tried to unclasp the carabiner that attached him to the umbilical, but it had been sucked up into the pulley at the end of the crane and he couldn't get his fingers around it. Kitana. Age: 24. I'm happy and outgoing escort provider, a free spirit with a love for fresh adventures Winch Hook Straps The only issue was the initial installation since I tightened down the screws to much that it squished the two pieces together. That's a me problem. It keeps the metal-crimp on my Can-Am Commander Warn winch hook from being sucked into or scratching the rollers. Also keeps the pull strap from dragging the ground. I think these are almost a necessity for your ATV/UTV winches to prevent the hook from being sucked in too far. This design is better than most because it cannot come off due to the winch line going through the hole and being secured by the hook. I've owned others that slide on the line through slits in the rubber bumper.

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Kaylani. Age: 22. Call me now!! I broke the hook off my winch cable, and now upon trying to remove the old cable to replace it, I found that it is stuck. I can't spool it out using. will not pull in either :(thanks, Doug Dual Threads Merged into one . I had to pull the winch out, and unravel by hand, which sucked But the old one is in the. None of my years as a dinghy racer prepared me for how powerful those big sails were. I nearly got my own hand sucked into the winch and learned that first day that winches must be treated with a strong degree of respect. The following are some tips to help you and your crew remain safe when using the winches on your. Nov 26, - Sometimes the cable can snag the glove and pull your hand towards the winch. The winch will "coast" for several inches to a foot after you release the control button, make sure you hand is far enough away that it can't get pulled into the winch. Another trick, is to take the glove off and just hold the glove in.


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