The Ethical Committee at Arcada ETIX The purpose of the Ethical committee is to verify that empirical degree theses and projects fulfil the ethical requirements of research in their initial phase. Your supervisor decides when your thesis work is ready enough to be presented at Thesis Forum. Select Arcada from the list. Your supervisor signs you up to thesisforum[a]arcada. After the Ethical Committee has examined and approved the plan the student may apply for research permission with the organisations concerned. Instructions for registering for the academic year Start.

Arcada thesis LbD Conference. Use the Arcada poster-template. After the Ethical Committee has examined and approved the plan the student may apply for research permission with the organisations concerned. The classified part of the degree shall be an annex to the degree thesis and is saved with the archive copy in the library archives. Commissioned degree thesis A degree thesis is considered to be commissioned if there is a written agreement about at least one of the following: The decision is made by the Head of Department of the degree programme in question and the Administrative Director of Arcada based on the submission of the student and the supervising teacher.

thesis forum arcada

The degree thesis is an official and public document. Arcadq is an electronic library that offers the possibility to access theses and publications of the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. User is responsible of clearing the necessary rights for the work. Also others are presenting, so there is a strict timetable to be kept.

Instructions for registering for the academic year Start.

Congrats sista on defending your senior Psychology thesis today proud sista senior. Such content may be removed from the service. Writing a Thesis Handouts. If the thesis is more than 80 pages in length, it is recommended that the text be printed two-sided.


thesis forum arcada

The abstract comprises approximately – words and provides an account of the core content of the thesis, both generally and specifically. The writer shows a good command of general writing rules. Schedule How are your studies going? Bachelor Thesis Guidelines Katedra anglistiky a amerikanistiky.

thesis forum arcada

Office ProPlus Download your own copy of the Office tools. The production and the report are evaluated as a whole. After the Ethical Committee has considered the plan, the comments are sent electronically to the supervisor and the student.

Parts of the degree thesis can be classified as atcada only in exceptional cases and for special reasons.

Urkund offers an automated system designed to deal with the problem of plagiarism. Arcada thesis essay srcada toronto Richmond Virginia Digital literacies Arcada Get inspired and earn credits.

Help with essay writing. If the maturity test is taken in a language other than Finnish or Swedish, the maturity test is reviewed solely on the basis of the content.

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If a sponsor has provided support for the creation of the work, the user must verify that the work can be published through the service. Start is the studyguide for studies at Arcada University of Applied Sciences. The aim of polytechnic studies is to educate people in the skills of a specific professional area and develop an ability to conceptually analyse issues in the branch.

User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of account passwords and liable for all use of such identifiers. Both the maturity exam and the presentation can affect the grade.


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Your poster may consist of the following elements: Thsis student is informed of the decision with a written decision. Check out your information on the dashboard!

The degree thesis has got a supervisor on the part of the commissioning party external supervisor. Degree thesis The evaluation level of the degree thesis is determined by the Tehsis level 6, which establishes requirements on advanced knowledge involving form critical understanding of theories and principles advanced skills, demonstrating expertise and innovation ability to solve complex problems in a specialised professional field Master thesis The evaluation level of the degree thesis is determined by the EQF level 7, which establishes requirements on highly specialised knowledge as the basis for original thinking and research awareness of knowledge issues in a field and at the point of contact between the different disciplines specialised problem-solving skills in research and innovation to develop new knowledge, new procedures or integrate knowledge from different fields The following factors are evaluated: Prepare for thesis forum by making a visual presentation e.

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The thesis supervisor is responsible for the check of the thesis in Urkund. The work to be saved in Theseus must be the same as the one approved.

An abstract is able to stand on it own is concise, approx.

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