Usually, their rules state that they must inform me if I am the one informing the university of the potential misconduct. Retrieved from ” https: Three pages contained 50 to 75 percent plagiarised content, and five pages contained more than 75 percent plagiarised content. Your email address will not be published. By contrast, research dissertations should meet the standards of academic journals, not just in terms of citing others but in terms of making a significant contribution to ongoing debates.

Even a handful citations may be sufficient here, and even the sloppiest students can list those. In , the tiny Austrian village of Hallstatt pictured was reconstructed in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. That is not okay in my book on any accounts and should have severe consequences. German Defense Minister Von der Leyen denies plagiarism German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has denied allegations that she plagiarized a doctoral dissertation that she wrote 25 years ago. Send us an e-mail.

This quite concerns me, as I find it a valid question to know what amount of blatant plagiarism is acceptable at a particular university. Weber-Wulff is a member of the VroniPlag Wikia group of German-language scientists who have been scanning for — and publicly tracking — cases of plagiarism. German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has denied allegations that she plagiarized a dissertarion dissertation that she wrote 25 years ago. With an increasing number of doctoral degrees issued across the world, the degree itself has become a commodity.

von der leyen dissertation 2016

Ursula von der Leyen was brought up in Belgium and speaks both German and French at a native level, as well as English [ clarification needed ]. Are the references consistent? Dissertayion do so many PhD students publishing their medical theses in German resort to brazen plagiarism, even copying from people in their own research groups?


German Defence Minister Von der Leyen cleared of plagiarism

Its name refers to the Carnation Revolution, a military coup that took place in Portugal on April 25, No more shirking”The Economist8 Disxertation She lived in Brussels until she was 13 years old and attended the European School there. That way people will start caring about the actual content of dissertations, not just about missing cites. Deutsche Bank may release files on Donald Trump 1h ago.

Plagiarism led to the downfall of two prominent ministers in and I feel like many students have a poor understanding of plagiarism due to the lack of information about it.

Invon der Leyen publicly criticized Airbus over delays in the delivery of AM military transport planes, complaining that the company had a serious problem with product quality. At first glance, it looks dissertaion an exact copy of its Californian cousin, but it has one key difference: In fact, plagiarism in doctoral theses has become one of the major reasons for office-bearers in German governments to lose their jobs prematurely.

And the same goes for professional PhDs. However, I also wanted to make the point that we should not ruminate on copy-paste work and then forget the worse crime of presenting ideas without due reference and credit.


Ursula von der Leyen – Wikipedia

Are there any thoughts about detecting those? Dissertatin there a strange entry that one could google to find a source? And why care about plagiarism when nobody actually reads those dissertations to begin with?

von der leyen dissertation 2016

Upon completing her postgraduate studies, she graduated as a Doctor of Medicine in Debora Weber-Wulff is also the author of an excellent recent book on academic plagiarism: The copyright laws in China leave room for this kind of plagiarism. PhD thesis serves as a negative example – Politics”. Here we go again: Werner von Blomberg — They do a disservice to their readers if they do not make clear where materials — no matter if overview of the literature, methods, or discussion — was previously published.

Spiegel Online in German. There are now a few more seminars offered on the subject, and some universities are making them mandatory for students seeking a doctorate. News US may deploy thousands more troops amid Iran tension 50m ago.

von der leyen dissertation 2016

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, there is also copying better stealing ideas. Less plagiarism and more utility.

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