See Dates and fees. Your chances of receiving an offer in the next round will vary for each course. You can only submit one VTAC Personal Statement The majority of your Personal Statement, such as your general statement, work experience, and language proficiency, should be broad enough to cover all of your course preferences. Verbal offers have no status. All other offer rounds are optional and will depend on the number of places available and other factors.

To be considered for early offers for international fee places course codes ending in 3 , you must:. The November offer round domestic , released on 16 November 2. You also have the option to view the course information and check that you are selecting the correct course. If you do not receive any offers in any of the offer rounds you may be eligible for a supplementary offer if you have given VTAC permission to release your application information to courses with vacancies. If you don’t pay by the final payment date, your course application will not be forwarded to institutions. The December offer round international , released on 19 December 2. Your answer in this section should be generally applicable to all of your course preferences.

vtac personal statement deadline

If you apply within the ‘timely’ dates but are not currently enrolled in any of the above, you will pay the course application processing fee for all other applicants. If you didn’t receive an offer and want to find out why, contact the institution directly to discuss this.

vtac personal statement deadline

If you are unable to attend at the specified time, you should ask whether the institution allows an authorised nominee someone you choose to enrol on your behalf. Alternatively, you can check out other courses listed with VTAC and change your preferences as many times as you like, at no additional cost, throughout January and February.

You must ensure you are eligible for the specialist areas you apply for, otherwise selection is unlikely. VTAC will again advise you of the highest offer made if any.

You will be asked for details about your roles including where and when you held the role and the duties your performed, with space provided for you to make comments on each role. You will also be asked if you want to participate in the supplementary offer round process.


How to apply for courses – VTAC

The first section asks for details of your secondary studies. It is a good idea to write a draft of your responses first so that what you ultimately submit is written to the best of your abilities and includes all relevant details. You are not in any way obligated to add a nominee to your application and are entitled to keep it private if you wish. Use this section to direct specific comments to any course on your preference list.

You will also have the opportunity to pay your course application processing fee.

Personal statement – VTAC

If you received an offer in one round, and wish to also be considered for courses lower on your preference list in future rounds, you can change your preferences by moving the course that you have been offered below any courses you would still like to be considered for by the relevant change of preference date.

All other offer rounds are optional and will depend on the number of places available and other factors. You also have the option to view the course information and check that you are selecting the correct course. Verbal offers have no status. VTAC does not issue refunds on course application processing fees except as required by law.

See Pathways into courses for more information.

To be considered for offers, you must pay your course application processing fee on time. You can also check if the institutions have any specific requirements regarding what to include.

If you apply within the ‘timely’ dates vtad you are currently enrolled in a standard Australian Year 12 in Australia or overseas or International Baccalaureate in Australia or New Zealand, you will pay the Current Year 12 timely course application processing fee. The application will tell you if VTAC is able to retrieve your Year 12 personnal automatically, or if you will need to supply evidence.


How to apply for courses

Please note that this section is not used for special consideration. The next section will ask you about your post-secondary studies, including what you studied, where and when, and whether you have completed the study, it is in progress or you did not complete.

You will be asked how many additional languages you understand, what they are and how you would rate your ability to speak, read, write and understand each one. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Before you can apply for courses, you must create a VTAC account.

VTAC Personal Statement

You will be asked if you give permission for VTAC to publish any first round offers you receive in metropolitan and regional newspapers. Offers are emailed to applicants on these dates, oersonal are available from your VTAC account from 2pm. If you have any concerns about your privacy or rights, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete your application accurately, answer all relevant questions and provide the required information.

Course preferences should statemeht listed in the order you would most like deadlnie study, with your highest preference at the top.

You may outline any circumstances that have affected your academic performance in your VTAC Personal Statement; however, if you have experienced any circumstances of disadvantage you should also consider submitting the Special Entry Access Schemes SEAS application. In most cases, you should only submit a VTAC Personal Statement if it is listed under essential requirements and admission criteria in the course information for any of the preferences on your VTAC course application.

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