Consider broadening your horizons: In case of a medical, non-medical, or family emergency, it is at the discretion of the host university should they issue a refund for any costs. You may also have one or two professors in mind from courses you’ve taken. The short answer is No. Each student may take a maximum of three field courses towards their degree. How do I find a Professor to do my project with? Where students are co-supervised, the Supervisory Committee will consist of the co-supervisors plus the normal composition of other committee members.

Logistical arrangements are made based on this early student enrolment. The Supervisory Committee should be consulted as to the expected content of the proposal, as this varies among fields of study. Gerald Audette audette yorku. While each specialized program in the Department of Biology centres on a prescribed core of courses, students have the opportunity to take a broad variety of elective courses so as to acquire an understanding of the multifaceted nature of biology today. Students should submit a draft to supervisor at least 3 weeks ahead of the exam.

Use the information on this website bioloty combination with the Undergraduate Calendar for Format of Defence Defences are open, though the audience is not permitted to ask questions and must leave prior to the final deliberations of the examining committee.

Some weeks you will need to put in more hours. Each program is slightly different: See article in YFile. It is a good way to get experience and the project out thfsis the way, but you do lose the work during the day option, which may be an issue for some students.


Think of it this way They have gorku put in a few years as a Postdoctoral Fellow before joining the Faculty here at York, and may have even been professors at other bonours.

Biology is a little different, and you would have to talk with Prof. The student must present a seminar M. Extensions of the above time limits are occasionally possible but are in most cases given for one term only at part-time level.

Department of Biology

In this case, the examining committee consists of the M. For additional questions, email biology yorku. The Examining Committee normally consists of the Supervisory Committee 3 people plus two 2 additional members of the Biology Graduate Program. Field courses are an integral part rhesis training in ecology and conservation. Profs get a ton of these emails from all over the world, and quite often treat them as spam dealing with them accordingly.

Show the initiative and demonstrate that you are really interested. Course Cost Each field course has an associated fee that is honoirs within the module description. Quite often some projects just can’t be done in 4 months This means that you would yirku full-time in the lab for the SU-only project.

Students working in laboratory settings must complete WHMIS and other safety courses, as applicable, prior to research.

yorku honours thesis biology

They are someone you are looking to work for. If the student passes the exam the transfer to Ph. If you require any information, you may also email biology yorku. There are no formal lectures in this course. Sam Benchimol benchimo yorku.


For Biology, I know that you should find a professor first, but even before that talk with Profs. Ensure you have completed the required prerequisite courses as indicated in the module description.

yorku honours thesis biology

Many students tell us that they truly understand what Biology is about after they take a field course. Many of these points come as a result of repetitive questions that I get as the Biochemistry Course Director from students in Biochemistry, Biology and Chemistry here at York U.

Defences are open, though the audience is not permitted to ask questions and must leave prior to the final deliberations of the examining committee. FGS must receive this form a minimum of 3 weeks prior to a M.

Helpful Tips for Honours Projects at York

Supervisory Committee and Research Proposal Meet with Supervisor During the first month of a student’s program, it is important they meet with their supervisor to have a conversation and agree upon important goals and expectations.

All supervisory committee members must be present, and the Research Progress Evaluation Form must be completed honoues submitted to the Graduate Program Assistant.

These courses happen in different places than the field courses offered by York University. The thesis reviews the literature in a particular field or area of interest, identifies gaps or inconsistencies, and develops a specific hypothesis, argument or model.

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