Be sure to label your graph and table. I can discuss some of the similarities and differences between the two graphs. Answers will vary; the line will be less steep 8WB Don tastes his smoothie and says, This tastes too tart, there are too many strawberries! When cost is involved unit rate is often referred to as unit price.

Graph this relationship on the same coordinate plane as Tuesday s information on the previous page. The slope for this relationship is 4 sweaters sold for every hour worked. Complete the graph to show how many miles it will take for the airplane to reach the ground. Simplifying radical expressions answers, simplifying radicals calculator, free algebra problems, projector at th eback, slope worksheets free, square research paper funny maths worksheet, ti 83 plus for machinists. He crawled toward the edge for 6 seconds.

2.2a homework connect the rule to the pattern

Michael took you, the two other students, and the coffee with spit in it to Mrs. Time Cost hours dollars b.

2.2a homework connect the rule to the pattern

The steeper the line, the more expensive it is per hour. Dilations and Proportionality b Homework: An airplane is at an elevation of ft. Dollars x Euros y c.

Compare the points that you chose and your triangle with someone in your class. Number Weeks of tennis balls a. The connection to slope will come later. In the simplified form of the rule, it is the constant. How deep should each step be?


a homework connect the rule to the pattern. best website to write essay

You can see this in the table as well by looking at the change that occurs between variables. Yes, the proportional constant is 3 feet per second. Staircase 1 Staircase 2 Staircase 3 The vertical measurement is the rise. Accept all that express the ideas clearly. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. Is this pattern a linear pattern? The statement below describes how unit rate defines y and x in a proportional relationship.

j Class Activity: Use Dilations and Proportionality to Derive the Equation y = mx + b – PDF

For a better experience, please download the original document and view it in the native application on your computer. Label and sketch the base and height, for example: They also begin to understand how linear functions change.

Write an equation that describes this proportional relationship if x is the number of pounds and y is the cost. Draw a line that could possibly represent her speed.

Circle the graph below that matches this story.

The unit rate for grace is 60 mph. The following investigation will examine how slope is measured. Chapter 2 addresses 8. A constant rate of change in tabular form is also slope.


Lead them to simplify all of the expressions to see that they are equivalent.

2.2a homework connect the rule to the pattern

What does the y-intercept represent in your context? Looking at the unit rate on the graph is essentially the same as finding the slope. What is the total distance total depth for all steps you will need at the base for all of the stairs?

2.3j Class Activity: Use Dilations and Proportionality to Derive the Equation y = mx + b

rue This is a great tie to features of functions and restrictions on domain and range. Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Teacher Note: Discuss the possible answers given below. They lined them up to crush some mini cars in the driveway.

A unit rate describes the proportional constant by indicating the amount of y that corresponds to one unit of x.

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