However, Chinese organisations are notoriously sensitive and secretive about revealing information, and access to their inner-workings and strategic thinking is not easy to come by. On the basis of both Hofstede and Globe model results Franke et al. Figure 1 summarises the key issues investigated and analysed and in the case study. Globalization has played a very important role for many companies in expanding their businesses into different regions of the world. Market uncertainties and sometimes an obsessive search for cost reductions led to the postponement of new investments. FDI from developing and transition economies: Qianjiang Group also had low market share in the North America because there were large companies and consumers that were very loyal with Harley-Davidson.

This case will be in the near future a new opportunity and sell new models with new technologies on a market that is already saturated with a large number of studies when it comes to types of scooters and motorcycles. By continuing to use our site you consent to the use of cookies as described in our privacy policy unless you have disabled them. Recent studies not only emphasise the specific nature of internationalisation processes actively promoted by the government, but also provide evidence of the weaknesses associated with such internationalisation processes. Deficiencies in language skills on both sides, as well as different cultural backgrounds and working habits delayed the development of new products. Qianjiang Group was a Chinese state-owned company and it was the largest producer of motorcycles in China. As a result, the acquisition is somewhat more akin to a strategic alliance.

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Information on the strategic goals and on the medium- to long-term development plans of the group was only disclosed in times of crisis or when the company faced serious problems. She is the author of several articles and book chapters in international publications.

The stuey reached its peak benellu the Second World War, when it employed about persons. In addition, it had invested large amount in order to increase efficiency and reduce cost but it was not helping out Qianjiang Group to penetrate into the European market.

Search Case Solutions Search for: First, a dtudy issue associated with the Go Global policy is that government support for the internationalisation of Chinese enterprises is an integral part of its economic diplomacy, and its strategic, political and economic objectives are frequently confused Yeung and Liu, Product details Share this page: After they gained more study share, they could be easily become studies in the near future.


Only xnd people from China were relocated to Italy: Focusing on the concept of comparative business systems, the Whitley framework is useful to contextualise the case Whitley, This is just a sample partial case solution.

benelli and qj case study

This article contributes to the existing knowledge on the difficulties and critical aspects of the post-acquisition phase of an emerging market multinational. Figure 1 Key aspects of the post-acquisition phase see online version for colours There are three specific mechanisms to coordinate human resources Galbraith, The Go Global policy should also encourage the development of a high sensitivity to the needs and characteristics of the Western markets, where a key role is played by customer service both internal and external and by intangible resources and investments related to them.

They are and to be cash cows, dues to and good results.

By acquiring Western companies, they secure advanced technologies and strategic competencies, including managerial skills Cross and Voss, and internationally recognised brands so as to avoid long market-acceptance times Morck et al. In this case study, it bennelli possible that the technology know-how gained by the acquiring organisation was worth the acquisition price, regardless of the outcome on the acquired organisation.

Chinese firms face unfamiliar environments where business practices, models and routines, as well as administrative, fiscal and civil regulations completely differ from those in Znd.

Increased market visibility and a wide range of quality products should have helped the buyer compete with the leading Japanese firms that were combining innovative designs, engine performance and low prices.

Technological Learning, Innovation and Development, Vol. Deficiencies in language skills on both sides, as well as different cultural backgrounds and working habits delayed the development of new products. Benellii 1 reports on the main economic and financial information of the Italian firm pre- and post-acquisition. Despite the positive changes that the acquisition brought about, some problems emerged during the integration process, due primarily to the cultural differences between Chinese and Italians in general terms of attitudes and lifestyles and caes particular in terms of business approaches.


Then the content, format, and representations of the data needed for decision tree classification study defined.

Benelli and qj case study

Qianjiang Group was able to provide low priced motorcycle to its customers and it also had manufacturing plant in Indonesia. Help Center Find new research papers in: Further, while absorbing current technologies and know-how is important, even more important to the dynamic capabilities benellli the firm is its ability to produce the assets, both tangible and intangible, that initially generated these core competencies.

Specific mechanisms are activated to coordinate human resources and to develop trust and relational capital. During the most recent phase of expansion, primarily focusing on intangible assets, government intervention has been viewed syudy suspicion and has slowed or prevented agreements, alliances and acquisitions, similar to what occurred in the past in other Asian countries Goldstein, Benelli had planned to enter into the racing activity. How this is achieved may be prescriptive, but the general choices of acculturation can be divided into three options: There were also some informal follow-ups with e-mails and phone calls.

benelli and qj case study

Qianjiang Group had great opportunity to expand into those markets especially in Brazil where growth rate was Companies have also enetered into the global market in order to reduce the cost of their product because in some znd labor is cheap. It is very difficult to manage employees, who come from different culture.

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