However, by retaining Visatopia, your matter will benefit from the knowledge, experience, and expertise of all of our high-caliber attorneys and clerks. The abuse of addictive drug is one of the major problems of modern American society, associated with many health and social problems such as crime, IUY etc. I am working as a post-doctor in a research institute in the field of biochemistry. Our insight and understanding stems from the fact that we have handled many cases with elements similar to yours already, and this helps us devise the best strategies for each individual petition. For the recommendations from international researchers, the alien applicant needs to let them emphasize on the importance of his research which he published in these papers, and also that his work was critical to the success of the research project, and that he was the main contributor.

Evidence of EB1A extraordinary ability: You may file Form I with Form I if the visa priority date for EB-1A classification on the most recent visa bulletin is current. Other people should cite your work in their publications, recognize you at the meetings, and give you a nice recommendations to proceed with your career. Also, he may provide the number of current members and his rank in the ACS such as if a senior membership. This preliminary results of this work has been presented in the annual meeting Society for rty in and , and attracted great interest of researchers in the area. A false comparison or inaccurate analogy between your proposed remuneration and the statistics is detrimental to proving this criterion. How do I show that I have authored articles in the field, in professional or major trade publications, or other major media?

The material must concern the work in the field. If any of the standards do not readily apply to your occupation, you may submit lersonal evidence, which should specifically demonstrate why the statutory standard is not readily applicable to your occupation and how the evidence is comparable to what is typically required to satisfy that statutory standard.

The applicant need to establish his case much more stronger, by sending more letters of recommendation stating his importance in the filed of research.


Eb1 personal statement example

I took right decision by selecting Chen group to respond to my i RFE. The question, ” which should I file for: Outstanding Professors and Researchers. We are the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the ones who wanted a better life, the driven ones, the ones who woke up at night hearing that voice telling them that life in that place called America could be better. In addition to your evidence and supporting documentation see 43 aboveyou must fill out Form I Immigration Petition for Alien Worker.

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EB1A Frequently Asked Questions

What should my reference letters include? What is a reference letter? Consular processing tends to take less than 1 year. At this point, if you are currently in the U.

eb1a personal statement

The applicant has several inventions, and his name is the second. Do a solid job of writing the cover letter-that can make all the difference. What is the procedure for me to get my green card after the EB-1A is approved if I am outside of the U.

Sample Personal Statement for Greencard – Ремпель

For fields that do not have traditional publications of scholarly work, evidence should demonstrate that the claimed scholarly articles appeared in publications that target those having insightful knowledge in the same field. The abuse of addictive drug is one of the major stattement of modern American society, associated with many health and social problems such as crime, IUY etc.

For a Form I application as an alien of extraordinary ability, USCIS adjudicators will look at the quality not the quantity of the evidence. This preliminary results of this work has been presented in the state,ent meeting Society for rty in andand attracted great interest of researchers in the area.

As a proof that he is a major contributor to the inventions and his inventions are important, he may present papers published in top journals describing the inventions, and present letters from collaborators and his supervisor, stating that he is a major contributor to the inventions.

eb1a personal statement

The alien applicant should provide convincing evidences, but not simply in a CV format. When fees and supporting documentation have been received, the National Visa Center will send you a packet of forms and instructions.


However, if you submit your base salary as well as bonuses and commission, then statistics or surveys for your geographical location, position, and compensation must reflect the typical base salary as well as bonuses and commission of others in the field. If the ten criteria for EB-1A do not pedsonal, the alien applicants can also submit comparable evidence to establish the EB-1A eligibility.

EB-1A Extraordinary Ability

Supporting documentation may include the original Notice of Approval; a copy of your filed petition; Notice of Receipt; a valid passport; criminal history, police, military, or prison records; birth certificate; marriage certificate; and birth certificates of children. The recommender should be able stateement get behind your petition and comment on her noteworthy contributions to the field and her significant degree of recognition in the field. Letters of Recommendation for Surgical Residencies: Also, the alien applicant is a post-doctoral statemnet in a research perslnal in the field of biochemistry, he can have that mentioned in the RFE cover letter, for any selection criteria available from the institute, or how many people applied and the pool of highly qualified people that he were selected from.

We also included a personal statement furnished by our client, who listed the significance of his ongoing work to the country.

The term “extraordinary ability” is defined by USCIS as “a level of expertise indicating that the individual is one of that small percentage who have risen to the very top of the field of endeavor”. Thanks blueone and sunmicro for your responses. In that case, he does not need to prepare anything more, as all of his EB1-EA papers may apply there.

An EB1-Extraordinary Ability application has strong evidentiary requirements which include the following: If you are interested in filing the green card, please send your CV to law wegreened.

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