Box Santa Clara, California Tel: EPA Region 5 77 W. In , the state identified volatile organic compound VOC contamination in the local municipal water authority well field located 3, ft south of the site. I often ask students to bullet point areas that need improving so that the next time they work on this case study they have a study point that they can study on in the reflective practice of the next treatment. Tests were conducted on cellulose, neoprene, polyethylene, and PVC, and showed that dissolution time for organic wastes depended on the type of waste, temperature, pressure, and acid concentration.

The thermal desorber used at this site, an infrared radiation-heated unit manufactured by McLaren-Hart the IRV system , was a modular, batch-operated vacuum system, equipped with six treatment chambers. Three additional batches slightly exceeded the cleanup goal for total chlordane. Milan Army Ammunition Plant Location: The trial burn was conducted in August They will help establish benchmark data on cost and performance which should lead to greater confidence in the selection and use of cleanup technologies.

Inresearchers at LLNL began developing the DCO process, a nonthermal, low temperature, aqueous based technology, for use in mixed waste treatment, chemical demilitarization and decontamination, and environmental remediation.

eg&g rotron case study

SMBT uses compressed air to propel soft blast media onto the contaminated surface, with the soft media trapping and absorbing contaminants on impact. The views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the U.

eg&g rotron case study

Livermore, California Period of Operation: Approximately 32, yds3 of soil in Clean Site-2 are contaminated, with the site still being characterized. Wastes from these operations were disposed of in landfills, trenches, pits, and surface impoundments at the site.

The results of the demonstrations indicated that a number of the jet grouting technologies produce stable waste forms that are generally easy to remove, thus making the technology suitable for stabilization and for hot-spot removal. California Period of Operation: Since the ‘s, the four-acre Visalia Poleyard was the site of a stuxy preservation treatment plant for power poles.


EG&G Rotron Division Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This process recirculated the water between the two aquifers creating a bioreactive treatment cell. The ROD for Waste Area Group 9 identifies seven areas that will undergo remediation and identifies phytoremediation as the remedy, with a contingent remedy of excavation and disposal.

A series of bench-scale tests using radioactive and nonradioactive wastes were conducted at INEEL to determine the potential for using a DC Arc Furnace for waste treatment. This table also provides highlights about each application.

Eg&g rotron case study

Multiple locations throughout U. Box Jackson, MS Technology: Casf site will be planted with three-foot tall bare-root willow trees in a grid pattern, and whole tree harvesting roots and above ground will occur at the end of each growing season.

Two salt-containing, nonradioactive surrogates – one with high levels of nitrate salts and one with high levels of chloride and sulfate salts – were used for the tests to simulate wastes at DOE facilities. If some one needs to be rootron with most up-to-date technologies therefore he acse be pay a study this website and be up to date daily. Thermal desorption to treat chlorinated solvents in the site soil and source materials Cleanup Type: The Navy selected in situ chemical oxidation using Fenton’s reagent for this site based on its successful use by the U.

November 19, to May 4, Shutdown period to assess rebound: Discharges to a drainage ditch and sanitary sewer; leaks from underground and above ground tanks Contacts: Further, tests showed that the dissolution rate for mixtures of waste types will be limited by the PVC dissolution rate, even when PVC is present in small quantities.


To any one familiar with the history of the last thirty years, eg&h would almost seem that Mr. Demonstration of polysiloxane stuudy encapsulate high-salt content wastes Cleanup Type: Supply Chain of Engineering Parts. During the demonstration, about 17, Ibs of VOCs were removed through a combination of vacuum extraction and biodegradation.

Data on outpatient diagnoses were also available from GePaRD.

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The case study abstracts in this volume describe a wide variety of rotro situ and in situ soil treatment technologies for both soil and groundwater. Salt waste surrogates that simulated nonradioactive wastes from DOE facilities Contacts: Nonradioactive debris containing a rare-earth tracer were tested on waste pits designed to simulate those found at TRU sites.

Discharges of liquids and sludge to surface soils Contacts: Orthophthalic, isophthalic, and vinyl ester resins: Use of bioslurry technology for treatment on explosives wastes Cleanup Type: However, total CAC concentrations remained above the cleanup goal in two downgradient monitoring wells; after second injection, total CAC concentration remained at or above the cleanup goal in the two downgradient wells and were found stuxy have increased in other wells.

The test plot selected for the pilot study was an area contaminated with high concentrations of CAHs. Several of these drainage ditches became contaminated with explosive residuals which leached into the groundwater.

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