The N modulations, i. Subjects made an additional response on butterfly presentations in order to assure attention to probe presentations. I am thankful also to Dr. In the present studies I and II, larger P amplitudes were found for both faces and human bodies in comparison to houses. Help Center Find new research papers in: LNC was larger under low load than high load, comparable to study I.

Essay for english subject portfolio stages of write a essay book cornell university dissertation admissions address? Neurophysiological evidence for visual perceptual categorization of words and faces within ms 1. The items that you have collected will be displayed under “Vocabulary List”. In the current thesis, processing of these stimuli under perceptual load is addressed. Vision Research, 41, Rejection of ipsilesional distractors is facilitated with higher central load. Towards the neurobiology of emotional body language.

This inversion effect has often been considered as critical evidence for configural processing of both faces for a review, cf. Analogously, one could speculate that inversion effects for human bodies could reflect release of head neurons by inhibition in the context of body neurons Perrett et al. However, still there is little known about body perception.

This is the reason why no enrenwörtliche of perceptual load was found for inverted faces or eyeless faces, because both eyeless faces and inverted faces are not processed in a holistic manner see Fig.

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However, all body images were used here had been taken in a standard posture, without obvious motion cues. Cerebral Cortex, 15, It has been suggested that faces and human bodies can engage attention to a greater extent than other objects Diasertation et al.


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In the present study, distractor faces, body parts and houses were then followed by a a repetition of the distractor stimulus, b a new exemplar ejrenwörtliche the same category as the distractor, or c a butterfly, to which participants responded. The results of the study III indicate that irrelevant and unfamiliar distractor faces may activate facial representations to a similar extent under low and high perceptual load.

ehrenwörtliche erklärung dissertation uni jena

Another question may be related to the influence of perceptual load on objects apart from houses. Although human body parts and faces have both been described to engage attention and to be classified faster than other objects Ro et al.

ehrenwörtliche erklärung dissertation uni jena

ERPs to second probe presentations were analyzed. Recording standards and publication criteria.

Journal of Neuroscience, 17, Considering that both faces and human bodies have been argued to capture attention Langton et al. However, IEs have been reported in both behavioral and electrophysiological research for human bodies Reed et al.

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The inversion effect in biological ehrebwörtliche perception: Response properties of the human fusiform face area. The existence of other components such as body recognition units, in contrast, have to be investigated in more detail in future research.

Perceptual load interacts with involuntary attention at early processing stages: Psychological Science, 14, It’s All in Your Head: These results suggest that both faces and human bodies might be processed in configural or holistic manner. In ERPs for both experiments, an inversion effect was seen in P, with larger P for inverted than upright stimuli. Remember me on this computer.


It is therefore, possible that the present N modulation reflects enhanced access to PINs for faces and SRs for other objects and body parts which are stored at a post perceptual stage.

Categorical perception occurs in newly learned faces, other-race faces, and inverted faces. Body parts such as hands convey important information about social states of the person. This inverted inversion effect on eyeless faces could be interpreted due to the reduction of neuronal activity of face-selective neurons in case of eyeless faces were presented upside down.

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A shaky hand, for instance, could reveal that this person experiences stress or trouble. Journal of Neurophysiology, 93, Cerebral Cortex, 4, These findings are in line with studies that used simple visual stimuli Fu et al.

In all three studies, RTs to letter strings were unaffected by the respective distractors category both under high and low load. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 33, Results of both study I and study II Exp.

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