Now, up on the hills, the soldiers talked and argued and watched the burning houses, while the two men down below still searched among the maguey, cursing at the sharp thorns. Santiago, who was still in La Guacamaya, readying his Radio Venceremos crew for that night’s retreat, describes how “the pressure of the enemy was growing in his north-south advance. The “clearing process,” in which the cable made the rounds of officials in the Embassy for review, centered on Kenneth Bleakley, and his recollection of the trip, alone among the recollections of the three, coincides with the conclusions drawn in the cable. A priest declared him a martyr and his death a national tragedy. What made me decide — me, the big tough marine? The court ruled that an amnesty law did not cover the killings.

Bordering the park are a yellow-painted clinic, a rough-hewn little hut, and a remarkable church crowned by a bulbous steeple. The guerrillas put the number slain at seven hundred, though it was impossible at the time for anyone to obtain an accurate count. Many of the women bent over smooth flat stones, grinding corn, making the meal that would serve as the company’s fuel during the days ahead — for, confronted with the arrival of thousands of troops, the guerrillas of the E. In any event, the assertion that guerrillas “did nothing to remove” civilians is actually contradicted later in the cable, when the authors describe an “aged couple” who said that guerrillas “told them to leave in early December. After this, there was no illusion about what was taking place. Finally, one stood up. Monterrosa himself had spent some of his early years attending courses at the School of the Americas, which has long churned out Latin American soldiers responsible for subsequent human-rights abuses and coups throughout the hemisphere.

You couldn’t stand to be there, because of the stink. Despite domestic and international denunciation of the massacre, perpetrators of the massacre have avoided studh for decades.

A Parable of the Cold War. A one-eyed marine he had been wounded in VietnamMcKay was known to tsudy the best contacts among the Salvadoran officers of any American in the country. As they flew over El Mozote, Greentree moozote on, he could see signs of battle. There were animals there, cows and a dog, and they caae me, and I was afraid they would make a noise, but God made them stay quiet as I crawled among them. They called them terroristas — delincuentes terroristas.


But follow the stony dirt track, which turns and twists through the woodland, and in a few minutes you enter a large clearing, and here all is quiet.

Although Bonner was too inexperienced to realize the impact that his story would have in Washington, he now feels that his inexperience was probably an advantage. Establishment of the law formally closes investigations of the El Mozote Massacre and nearby sites and grants unconditional amnesty to perpetrators of the massacre, including all crimes against humanity and crimes of war committed during the Salvadoran civil war. His fourth would follow.

Archived from the original on November 16, We’d stopped a lot studg their communications, but we wanted to know their logistics, how they were getting mzoote supplies, what their routes were, and so on. He describes Hinton as “a totally credible person” and, in writing what he wrote, he clearly felt the pressure to conform to the older man’s standards.

Skulls, rib cages, femurs, mozots spinal column and countless other pieces of bone poked out of ruble. When she heard the screams, Rufina, who together with her children had been sitting on a bench with caae back to the front wall of the house — the wall facing the church — climbed up on the bench so that she could look out a small window high up in that wall.

Maybe that was what saved me. The rebel soldiers also gave the reporters their version of events, and Guillermoprieto said that an American working in the area also described what he believed had taken place. Obviously, a decision had been taken very high up in the F.

A moment passed before they heard the shouts of the soldiers, and a moment more before the bullets started to come. The congressional debate loomed large in the minds of those in the United States Stury.


El Mozote massacre

Around this time, the helicopter lifted off, taking at least some of the officers along. Hours earlier, when the chill of the night came on, Rufina Amaya had shivered, for the maguey had badly ripped her blouse and skirt. Soon they were marching south again.

el mozote case study

Over 30 years after the fact, the criminal investigation of the El Mozote massacre was reopened by the Second Court of the First Instance of San Francisco Gotera instudt an unprecedented opportunity to achieve truth and justice for grave human rights violations. Embassy officials recommended, cajoled, and finally urged reassignments, but changes, when they came at all, came only after enormous effort.

She had banged a leg on a rock, and it was swelling.

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Into this quiet clearing, in moozote last year, a convoy of four-wheel drives and pickup trucks rumbled, disgorging into the center of El Mozote a score of outsiders. In response to the request from the Reverend Wipfler, of the National Council of Churches, Hinton cabled back, on January 8th, that he did “not know what your sources are but the only sources that I have seen alleging something like this are clandestine Radio Venceremos reports.

Now, get your face back in the ground. It was not, and they did not.

el mozote case study

They said, ‘Mama, let’s go. And, of course, the Americans loved him as well: Ambassador Hinton, clearly a bit frustrated, now asked his Milgroup commander if “it were possible High Command did not know dase and when their field forces operated. He had lived in Plantation, Florida sincewhen the first Bush administration had granted him political asylum.

el mozote case study

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