The dirty water can also pass easily,” one passer-by explains. Why you can trust BBC News. Development issues in shanty towns The Brazilian Government has realised that it cannot solve the housing problem in city favelas like Rio by destroying them. These are projects undertaken by the local authority to relocate residents from favelas. There are now tarred roads, mobile clinics and police stations made from shipping containers, working street lights and even free Wifi throughout the slum. Driving through the slum villages, I saw residents forming queues to use one communal tap.

These jobs are often unskilled and labour intensive, require little money to set up, offer no protection to the workers and they pay no tax. These are external links and will open in a new window. Examples include street sellers, minibus drivers, money changers and market traders. It is a very diverse population with over 40 ethnic groups including the Kikuyu, Luo and Maasai. Ministry of devolution and planning.

Kenya’s Kibera slum gets a revamp – BBC News

These are projects undertaken by the local authority to relocate residents from favelas. Many are second-generation families.

kibera case study bbc

We see about 10 people working to unblock one of the main sewerage pipes in preparation for proper drains. Until recently Kibera had no running water and it had to be collected from the Nairobi dam.

But because some shacks stury removed to make space for development, she now has fewer customers living nearby. The video below explores life in the favela of Rocinha. Wildlife in Kenya is a major attraction for tourists. Officials believe if the residents are directly involved in the renovations here, they will take pride in making sure that they are well maintained.


Kenya’s Kibera slum gets a revamp

It is still a long way off but many hope the work done here means that one day, Kibera will no longer be synonymous with poverty and chaos and instead become just another Nairobi neighbourhood – one that its residents can proudly call home. It operates as the commercial capital of India, it is important for manufacturing and finance and it is also the home of ‘Bollywood’ films.

These jobs form part of the informal economy which is also called the grey economy. More on this story. People may be allowed to buy these houses. Overcrowding is a major problem in Rio’s favelas. The capital city is Nairobi.

kibera case study bbc

Political instability, violent crime, harassment of tourists, over-commercialism of safari parks and environmental degradation have all discouraged kibefa tourists from visiting the country. The houses in these settlements have no basic amenities such as running water or toilets, so diseases like cholera and dysentery are common.

Kenya is an example of a low-income country. Many residents favour local, smaller-scale improvements. Ministry of devolution and planning. These are external links and will open in a new window.

In Mumbai the squatter settlement of Dharavi is now home to over 1 million people. The favelas are eyesores and portray a poor image of the city.


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Brick houses are built with electricity, running water and sanitation pipes. Services in these areas also include refuse bbfschools and health centres. National 4 Subjects National 4 Subjects up. These areas are illegal and are not catered for by the Government, so there is no electricity, rubbish collection, schools or hospitals. Its safari parks, coral reefs and sandy beaches make it a very popular destination for tourists. So far, 90 have been completed. Because of the lack of toilets and poor sanitationsewage often runs in open drains.

We’re in Mashimoni, home to mud huts and casse shacks. The Developing Minds Foundation builds schools and supports education programmes in Rio’s favelas.

kibera case study bbc

Informal sector jobs are very poorly paid and the work is irregular so a steady income cxse not guaranteed. Tourism has already reached a point of decline. Rio is hemmed in by mountains, so during tropical storms landslides are common. Charities help to improve life for people in shanty towns by providing money for self-help schemes.

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