A proof of principle experiment demonstrates the high power capability of the fabricated structure. These polymeric compounds were subsequently intensively tested for their application as electrode material and incorporated into batteries, including the fabrication of a battery using inkjet-printing. The self-starting fiber laser delivers 27 W of average power at Here we carry out the index matching by passively doping the cladding with germanium, thus raising its index of refraction. My aim at the completion.

The pulses are dechirped to 91 fs outside the cavity with an average power of 60 W remaining after the compressor. In this paper the challenges, achievements and perspectives of ultrashort pulse generation and amplification in fibers are reviewed. We report on a theoretical and experimental study of the energy transfer between an optical evanescent wave, propagating in vacuum along the planar boundary of a dielectric material, and a beam of sub-relativistic electrons. Here, we combine two important advances: Significant progress in high repetition rate ultrashort pulse sources based on fiber technology is presented.

In principle, publications are important for a dlssertation The ten times longer cavity affords three essential benefits over former approaches. Einordnung Gutachter inRezensent in: T h e cumulative p r of esso ri a l dissertation w i th the title [ In this work we jea carried out a systematic study of the propagation of the relative intensity noise RIN along the amplification chain of a state-of-the-art high-power fiber laser system.

Synthesis and characterization of photocatalytically active [FeFe]-hydrogenase subsite models

Thulium-doped fibers with ultra large mode-field areas offer new opportunities for the power scaling of mid-IR ultrashort-pulse laser sources. In this paper the impact of these effects on the combining process has been investigated and simple analytical equations for the evaluation of this impact have been obtained.

This coherent extreme-ultraviolet radiation has become an indispensable tool for resolving jeena motion in atoms and molecules. Here, we present the first megahertz-level source of extreme-ultraviolet continua with evidence of isolated attosecond pulses using a fibre laser-pumped optical parametric amplifier for high-harmonic generation at 0.

The system is used at the new front end of the PHELIX petawatt laser system to pump disserttation ultrafast optical parametric amplifier for temporal contrast enhancement.


New anode- and cathode-active materials for organic batteries – Digitale Bibliothek Thüringen

Idler absorption and its crystal heating is experimentally investigated for a BBO. We have demonstrated high-harmonic generation in gases and plasma surfaces providing 2.

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These findings are supported by quantitative measurements on a few-cycle NOPA, where a few percent of the signal energy is converted to its second harmonic in the walk-off compensating case. Simulations that include both the nonlinear pulse evolution and the transverse optical Kerr effect support the experimental results. Mit molecular biology research papers essay mexican word of the day archive a visit to a jungle essay writing princeton dissertation.

Due to its simplicity and maintenance-free operation, the laser scheme holds great potential for bio-medical applications outside laser laboratories.

New anode- and cathode-active materials for organic batteries

Experimentally, we investigate HHG in a gas jet of argon, krypton and xenon. First demonstrations of high repetition-rate strong-field physics experiments using novel fiber laser systems will be discussed. Start auf die Merkliste Aktionen Um das Dokument zu bearbeiten melden sie sich bitte an. These polymeric compounds were subsequently intensively tested for their application as electrode material and incorporated into batteries, including the fabrication of a battery using inkjet-printing.

In this work, we explore non-hexagonal PCF designs with increased mode discrimination in comparison to the classical hexagonal PCF designs. Particular emphasis is put on the recently established influence of photodarkening on the mode instability threshold and its behavior.

Femtosecond fs -CARS is a jnea approach for gas spectroscopy under high pressure and temperature conditions, as it allows probing molecular states on a time scale which is significantly shorter than the typical decay time induced by interfering collisions. Coherent combining is a novel approach to scale the performance of laser amplifiers.

kumulative dissertation jena

Experimental results with a white-light—seeded NOPA agree well with numerical simulations. This is to our knowledge the highest average power sub fs kHz-amplifier system reported to date. In spite of this, changing the glass composition can bring benefits in pulsed operation in terms of the stored energy.


This approach provides access to the amplitude and phase of the individual pulses in the burst to be amplified, potentially allowing the compensation of gain saturation and nonlinear phase mismatches within the jens. The acquired data allow us to identify the rotor drive as the main source of velocity variations with fast fluctuations of up to 3.

Silicon containing [FeFe] hydrogenase model complexes show interesting properties as sulfur protonation due to an increased basicity by o Si-C -3p S filled-filled interaction, reduced overpotential for proton reduction and the formation of a the rotated state under reductive conditions.

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In this paper we show that the origin of mode instabilities can be explained by taking into account the interplay between the temporal evolution of the three-dimensional temperature profile inside of the active fiber and the related waveguide changes that it produces via the thermo-optical effect.

Thus, it becomes possible for [ We report on the disertation of a preamplifier module for temporal contrast enhancement and control at petawatt-class lasers.

kumulative dissertation jena

We investigate these thermal effects in high average power OPAs based on beta barium borate. Sources of short wavelength radiation with femtosecond to attosecond pulse durations, such as synchrotrons or free electron lasers, have already made possible numerous, and will facilitate more, seminal studies aimed at understanding atomic and molecular processes on fundamental length and time scales.

Further theoretical studies were performed for a better understanding of these systems. On the one hand, some state-of-the-art canonical bulk amplifier systems provide pulse peak powers in the range of multi-terawatt to petawatt.

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