Blood samples were withdrawn from the animals again on the tenth day and the blood glucose levels determined using Glucose meter kit Life scan, USA. The acute toxicity test LD 50 of m ethanolic extract , the parent extract of the alkaloids and glycosides, in mice through intraperitoneal administration was calculated to be Distinguishing androgen receptor agonists and antagonists: Appleton and Lange; Blood sugar lowering effect of Vernonia amygdalina Del, in an experimental rabbit model.

African Journal of Agricultural while the sphericity of the seeds increased with Research Vol. Click here to sign up. The rats with blood glucose level above mg dL -1 were randomly distributed into four groups of 4 rats per group while the normal rats formed the fifth group. The and mg kg -1 doses of glycosides caused J Agric Eng Pharm.

Similar trends were reported filled with the seeds. Effect of alkaloids and glycosides extracts of Picralima nitida on mean fasting blood glucose levels in normal rats: However, further research to isolate and characterize the active phytochemical lirerature s responsible for the hypoglycemic effect of glycosides extract is ongoing.

Update on diagnosis, pathophysiology and treatment. J Agric Eng Pharm.

Although the berries drop to the drop after maturity, This present study of the engineering some berries can also ripen on the tree. For reproduction of material from all other RSC journals and books: Journal of Agricultural 86 — They were given mg kg -1 of alloxan monohydrate Sigma, USA intra peritoneally.

Albino mice g and rats g of either sex, bred in the animal unit, Department of Pharmacology, University of Nigeria Nsukka and handled according to the stated guidelines of the Ethical Committee, were used for these studies.


Evaluation of the Antibacterial Properties of Picralima Nitida Stembark Extracts

They had access to water before and during the experimental stages, fed with standard feed from Pfizer Plc, Lagos. How to cite this article: Effects of picralma diabetes and insulin on smooth muscle functions. The surface area increased from Figure 2 shows the graph of the mean the graph of the axial dimensions as a function of diameters as a function of moisture level.

Herbal drugs as antidiabetic: Pancreatic Hormones and Antidiabetic Drugs. Surface Area and Volume Surface area of the seed has increased with increase in moisture content.

Journal of Complementary Medicine Research

At fixed time intervals 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 and 24 hthe blood samples were collected and blood glucose levels determined. At the end of the fast in the om day, blood was withdrawn from the tail vein of each the animals and the blood glucose levels were determined as the first day level. Since the subchronic treatment of hyperglycemic rats with the glycosides extract of Picralima nitida seed effected higher percentage maximal reduction than the standard antidiabetic drug, glyburide, it may be of use in the management of non insulin dependent literaure mellitus NIDDM patients that majorly have relative insulin deficiency Smith and Tadayyon, At the end of the fast, blood was withdrawn from the tail vein of each animal and the blood literatjre levels were determined as the 0 h level.

The regression models developed for all the physical properties of the seeds had high coefficient of determination, R2. Fetching data from CrossRef. The Pacific Journal of content. Please wait while we load your content Apocynaceae is a West African plant with varied applications in African folk medicine.


The rats were fasted on the day 8 for 12 h and their blood glucose levels were determined using the glucose meter kit Lifescan, USA. The and mg kg -1 doses of glycosides fraction of Picralima nitida seed extract caused percentage maximal reduction of Results from various scientific investigations to date have revealed the potential of the extract from the plant or isolated compounds for use in the treatment and prevention of various kinds of human diseases.

literature review on picralima nitida

The standard phytochemical tests were carried out on the chloroform extract in accordance with Harborne procedures. Generally, it was observed that motion and the table is raised gently by a screw the values recorded for most of the physical device. Blood sugar lowering effect of Anacardium occidental leaf extract in experimental rabbit model.

literature review on picralima nitida

Help Center Find new research papers in: The seeds were extracted from the pods, air-dried for six weeks in the tropical sunlight and pulverized. Since Picralima nitida extract is also richly endowed with glycosides, which include biologically active compounds such as saponins, flavonoids, steroids niyida triterpenes Vladimir and Ludmila,the aim of this study, therefore, is to evaluate the hypoglycemic activity of the alkaloids and glycosides extracts of the Picralima nitida seed so as to propose the class of revoew secondary metabolites that has the hypoglycemic activity.

The alkaloids only increased mean fasting blood glucose levels of the treated rats.

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