Banking transactions and processes. Costing and Quantitative Techniques 5. The Council approached several publishers, offering both moral and financial support for this exercise and VI Publishing Limited took up the challenge and commenced the task by commissioning a minimum of two writers and a reviewer to prepare a study pack for each subject under the strictest quality control that meets international standards. Accounting degree program promotes identification with, and orientation to, the accounting profession and is designed More information. This paper is linked to 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and Trial balance Its scope, uses and correction of errors of commissions and omissions.

Revaluation of assets and goodwill on admission, retirement, removal or death of partners. Continuous efforts are being made by Council from time to time to satisfy fully the diverse interests of the members and students. Subject Matter of the Law This Law shall govern the licensing procedure, regulation and supervision of activities More information. Any compensation awarded to an employee More information. Candidates are also expected to complete the examination papers at a level before attempting papers at a higher level. The Honourable Minister of Education, Mrs.

Regulatory procedures are proportionate and transparent, with hearings.

Nigeria: ICAN Unveils 15 Study Packs –

British Virgin Islands Insurance Companies Foreword This memorandum has been prepared for the assistance of those who are considering the formation of insurance companies in the British Virgin Islands.

Questions in this section shall cover the entire area of the subject syllabus. Publishers named above each report are responsible for their own content, which AllAfrica does not have the legal right to edit or correct. If the application to register is unsuccessful, the registration fee is not refundable.


It considers those areas of work where a practising certificate is required, but. The role of an accountant in an organisation.

Contingencies and events after balance sheet date. Demonstrated effectiveness and achievement.

Subject Matter of the Law This Law shall govern the licensing procedure, regulation and supervision of activities More information. How to become a solicitor How to become a solicitor Table of contents 1 The Law Society of Ireland is the educational, representative and regulatory body of the solicitors profession in Ireland. This syllabus and study guide is designed to help More information. In conclusion, this new syllabus that comes into effect in May will myltidisciplinary that the education and training of students are adequate and comparable with world class standards of training of Professional Accountants.

multidisciplinary case study ican pack

Multidisciplinary Case Study Costing and Quantitative Techniques 5. The Study Packs, developed at the cost of about N70 million by a pool of seasoned professionals and academics, were specially designed to assist candidates preparing for the Professional Examinations of ICAN as well as other professional bodies and tertiary institutions and help combat high failure rate in the acclaimed world-class rated ICAN examination.

multidisciplinary case study ican pack

It has not only expanded the scope and contents of the old syllabus but has introduced more of ethics and information technology as the bedrock on which to propel the examination of our students. Methods of establishing a limited liability company.

It was established by the Act of Parliament No. Sale of Goods Goods and their types, the duties and rights of seller and buyer, passing of property. Elasticity of demand and supply: Any student who fails to comply with the above regulations may be liable to such penalties as the Council of the Institute may determine.

Engineers Ireland, founded inrepresents.


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Overall, this syllabus is student-friendly and will certainly meet the needs of employers of labour whether in the public or private sectors, accounting and consulting firms and training institutions. The Council of ICAN decided that the advent of the new syllabus was an auspicious moment for the production of study packs for the following fifteen subjects of the examination: Subsequently, the remaining two papers could be passed and credited at one paper per sitting.

The principal objectives of the District Societies are to avail members the opportunity of extra professional and social activities and assist potential accountants in their endeavour towards membership pcak the Institute. This paper will be a three-hour paper divided into two sections: Faculty of Business More information.

Nigeria: ICAN Unveils 15 Study Packs

Name and address of ;ack information. The fees paid for an examination will not be refunded or transferred to subsequent examination, if a candidate is unable to attend the examination. General regulatory questions Appendix 1: Any compensation awarded to an employee. No candidate will be allowed to apply to sit for one paper unless the other papers have been previously passed or exempted.

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