These combined strategies can support children and young people to deal with harmful content and contacts and to understand the responsibility they themselves need to take for their behaviours online. Obviously there could not be a detailed report of the clash which actually occurred between different powers and interests, between US monetary policy, which first floods the system with liquid funds and then starts to mop it up, causing flight of capital from emerging countries, and its possible negative impacts on the rest of the world. Does the Commission think that consideration ought to be given to the possibility of finding a solution, such as the Peru-Colombia Multi-Party Agreement, that opens the door to the rest of the Mercosur members? There continue to be protests from local citizens and neighbouring landowners regarding the effects that the group of buildings, which are not even being used due to lack of demand, is having on this sensitive area and its surroundings. The possibility of extending the agreement to include Ecuador is currently under discussion.

The Commission is using any opportunity to object to the unfair treatment granted to these products by Norway. Economic consequences of negotiations with Norway on fishing quotas. The region is not sufficiently competitive and the countries do not create enough jobs notably for the young. Today, the facilities have already been built but are in a state of disuse. In the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe also passed a resolution calling on Member States to follow the precautionary principle and adopt preventive policies on public exposure to radio frequencies, with special attention to children, young people and sensitive persons. My constituent tells me that other zoos, including Yorkshire zoo, offered to rehouse Marius, but these offers were refused. Protective measures have been taken in certain regions, in Poland and Lithuania.

Customers are given the alternative of using credit transfers instead of direct debits. Compulsive gambling is thus a disorder on a par with drug dependency. What are the current objectives of the negotiations and on what points would it be fair to say that agreement has been reached? The resulting FTA with Malaysia should of course be of mutual benefit to both parties. When does the Commission expect these negotiations to commence?


This will be done in consultation with the Trade Policy Committee on the basis of a written report from the Commission. It is too early to predict the date for finalisation splving negotiations.

Trade negotiations between Libya and the EU. However, the latest energy reform passed by the Spanish Government maintains and defends dirty energy sources while attacking renewable ones. This lack of adequate and timely publicity is creating confusion and concern among the general public in the districts concerned.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

In de tussentijd heeft de Commissie besloten een brief te sturen naar de bevoegde probelm van de lidstaten van de eurozone, om informatie in te winnen over de stappen die zij zullen nemen om deze kwestie op te lossen en om hen te waarschuwen dat inbreukprocedures kunnen worden opgestart indien grensoverschrijdende automatische incasso’s nog steeds worden geweigerd.

What measures are being envisaged to stimulate trade with Indonesia? Killing of stray dogs in Macedonia. In some countries where the migration to SEPA DD has still not happened, the cross-border direct debit service is not available. In Cyprus, the Troika is imposing harsh austerity policies that brutally violate a large number of social and labour rights, summarily and without any social dialogue with those directly affected.

OPS – Olimpiadi di Problem Solving | MIUR

Questa tecnologia permette alla carta di comunicare direttamente con un dispositivo elettronico — smartphone o tablet — tramite il semplice contatto tra i due. Such a reaction is uncommon for Sweden. The Commission would point out that employers in Poland must abide by the legislation transposing that directive.

Help for pork producers — African Swine Fever. Given the reality of this kind of violence, does the Commission not believe that this represents a deliberate attack on silving welfare of animals, who require protection under EU regulations?

This includes travel and transport, such as car rentals. Because of this impact assessment, the establishment of the criteria is taking more time than originally planned.

olimpiadi problem solving classifica 2013

Indeed, minimising the collected data to what is strictly necessary reduces the risks of personal data breaches, and of misuse of the personal data. Actiris has established administrative practices to assist foreign speakers, in case they do not speak French or Dutch. The Law defines a new legal framework for this sector. Case study of patents related with potential as adjunctive treatments in glioblastoma. Vervroegde uittreding van EU-ambtenaren. Situation of urban and suburban farmers in the face of rampant urbanisation.


This phenomenon, repeated cyclically from April to August each year, began in February this year, in parallel with excessive falls on the Verona market, and constitutes international price discrimination which disregards losses sustained by Italian producers, encourages monopoly practices and alters the structure of trade between European Member States.

Trade relations between India and the EU. Ci arrivano preoccupanti segnalazioni dagli animalisti dell’ex Repubblica jugoslava di Macedonia, dove il prezioso lavoro di sterilizzazione e segnalazione tramite microchip di cani randagi, compiuto da un gruppo di volontari, rischia di essere compromesso: What is more, the website is also in English only, as — more deplorably still — are the accreditation forms that students and organisations wishing to take part in the programme must submit in order to be able to move on to the enrolment stage.

These are exploratory talks that aim at reaching an agreement on the scope and level of ambition of a possible future deal, before entering into formal negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement FTA.

olimpiadi problem solving classifica 2013

The Commission has proposed that an ambitious and legally binding European Accessibility Act be adopted. Giungono numerose e preoccupanti segnalazioni relative ad abusi sugli animali che sarebbero stati compiuti in Sicilia, con l’avvelenamento di 13 cani a Monreale classificz provincia di Palermo.

olimpiadi problem solving classifica 2013

Why exactly do EU regulations not safeguard animal welfare by combating this type of violence? These combined strategies can support children and young people to deal with harmful content and contacts and to understand the responsibility they themselves need to take for their behaviours online.

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