Behera, Dibyajyoti and Mohapatra, Abinash Design of a pen which remembers what it writes. Estonian Journal Of Earth Sciences Maharana, Pradyumna Keshari Computer aided analysis and design of hoisting mechanism of an E. Patnaik, Pranab Load frequency control in a single area power system. Warjri, Raja Bipul Sol-gel synthesis of glass-ceramics using rice husk ash and its gelcasting.

Bisoi, Biswaranjan Trace elements in some Indian coals. Browse by Thesis Type. Nath, K Use of multicomponent fluid for waste heat recovery using kalina cycle. Yadav, Utkarsh Multi-criteria decision making approach for vendor selection. Pachalasiya, Mahendra Singh Modeling of extrusion through curve die.

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MishraK and Behera, D Application of machine-to-machine communication in healthcare systems. Bankoti, A K S Synergistic study on electrochemically deposited thin film with a spectrum from micro to nano onlinne structures.

Nair, Rahul Hydrodynamic study of three phase fluidized bed with moderately viscous solutions-CFD analysis. Das, T Wet torrefaction of lignocellulosic biomass for the production of butanol. Ajayan, Arshaghosh Higher mode natural frequencies of stepped beam using spectral finite elements. Mohapatra, S Therapeutic potentials of black tea medicaments. Ray, Saroj Analysis of combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with alternative fuel by thermodynamic modeling.

Uma, Guguloth Intensity based image registration of satellite images using evolutionary thesos.


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Mishra, Suraj and KarankiDinesh Heading control of an underwater vehicle. Pandey, A K Simulation of traffic movement in vanet using sumo. Naveen S, Namasivaya Microwave assisted calcium phosphate coatings on carbon fiber reinforced polyether-etherketone composite scaffolds for implant applications. Nayak, Shibani Shankar Vibrational nut of a simply supported beam with crack. Swain, Litun Interaction between ionic liquid and lysozyme: Behera, Bikash Chandra Development and experimental study of machining parameters in ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning.

Mallick, Sarada Prasanna Gelatin based emulsion hydrogels as a matrix for controlled delivery. Jaimin, I Sesmic analysis of RC frame with brick infill.

online thesis nit rourkela

Mohanty, Debajyoti Effect of sintering on some properties of NiZn-ferrite. Singpho, Senggam Wakhet Development and characterization of mixed gels based hydrogel, emulgel and bigel. Sankar, D S V Statistical signal processing approach to segment primary components from pathological phonocardiogram.

Saswat, S Study of single phase shunt active power filter. Kumar, Chandan Hand-written character recognition using artificial neural network.

Vasavi, M Analysis and capacity based earthquake resistant design of multi bay multi storeyed RC frame. ReddyB Kasi Viswanatha Fast block matching motion estimation algorithms for video compression. Behera, Sunil and Patnaik, Sarthak Modelling of breakdown voltage of white minilex paper in the presence of voids under AC and DC conditions using fuzzy logic techniques. Varadrajan, Namitha A comparative study of microstructural and magnetic properties of lsmo: Mohanty, Suranjan Modelling of hard turning process.


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Tirkey, Pretty Sapna Implementation of coverage problem in wireless sensor network based on unit Disk model. Kurma, Satish Vibration and stability of composite panels with geometrical discontinuities. Sharma, Kuldeep CFD modelling of three-phase fluidized bed with low density solid particles. Kumar, Manish Localization by decreasing the impact of obstacles in wireless sensor networks. Patnaik, Satish Kumar Grid side converter control of dfig and mitigation of voltage sag.

Baad, S Vibration analysis and damping characteristics of hybrid composite plate using finite element analysis. Pachalasiya, Mahendra Singh Modeling of extrusion through curve die. Jain, Sachin kumar and Tandon, Ankit Balancing between data utility and privacy preservation in data mining. Nag, Arpit and Panda, Satyajit Study on carbonization of nonwoody biomass species.

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