The questions gives some prompts, which vary from year to year, but you can choose your own subject and form. You are commenting using your WordPress. Interesting that you have all mentioned the poetry section – at least I won’t feel it’s just me if I find it daunting. Top Module satisfaction survey. Above all, it was fun and when it had ended it left a great gap which has been hard to fill. In Part 3, Writing Poetry , the role and function of poetry are discussed. James Kemp TMA3 is poetry , you need to write 40 lines.

If you are dithering about A, stop it and sign up. I discovered that Mind Node was a useful app for doing this on the iPad. The stories span quite a series of decades but then I am really old! Interesting that you have all mentioned the poetry section – at least I won’t feel it’s just me if I find it daunting. Some of the central issues raised by life writing are discussed, including the nature of memory and forgetting, the performance of the self, and the representation of others. Part 4, Life Writing , looks at biography and autobiography.

I couldn’t get my head round the apparent obsession with ‘modern’ poetry which was never properly defined and had a few terse exchanges of opinion with my tutor.

OU A215 Creative Writing: What did I learn?

It was important for me to have this sense of doubling in events, characters and time and place has always been an important aspect of my work. The first assignment was a piece of short fiction, based on a freewrite, which in turn was based on a choice from a series of set prompts.

More than one in ten OU students are sponsored by their employer, and over 30, employers have used the OU to develop staff so far. Please be reassured, though, that neither marking nor feedback are subjective: The introductory part, The Creative Processfocuses on developing a habit of writing.


I thought that I would struggle with the poetry element but in fact, this was where I gained my best marks.

ou creative writing a215

A has been the most interesting OU course that I have done so far. I think that one or two of you have taken this course – b? Big pat on the back to you. You are commenting using your Google account. Course satisfaction survey See the satisfaction survey results for this course.

And having dispensed with the notion of calling the show The Madwoman in the Attic too literalThe Attic Sessions came into being. The exercises and assignments were fun, well paced and fulfilling to complete. Above all, it was fun and when it had ended it left a great gap which has been hard to fill.

So with my last collection, The Girl from Midfoxfields, and this one, Come To Pass, I moved towards sub-groupings and saw the advantages that this could have.

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It didn’t make me into a writer in fact it showed me why I’m not but it did help me understand the writing process, which I’m sure will be of benefit on future literature a15. The module is suitable not only for aspiring writers, but for anyone with a strong interest in reading and writing, who would like to deepen their understanding of the creative process.

I was blessed with an excellent tutor who was really enthusiastic and supportive. The publisher, Sheila Wakefield Red Squirrel Press has published creatife poetry so she knew my work and had seen some individual stories and approached me writkng the idea of doing a collection.

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My title, The Status of the Catcame from a section of poems involving cats. Posted in awards and prizespoetry Leave a comment.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. At the same time I am finding it hard to fill out my ideas to a novel-length piece now I took the course along side a science module, and there were times, particularly in the last month, when I really struggled to keep up with everything. What’s included Module book, audio CDs, online forums, website containing study planner, module guide, assessment materials, further links and electronic versions of the study materials.

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It will help you to identify your strengths and interests as a writer by giving you the opportunity to write in a range of genres: You will be expected to submit your tutor-marked assignments TMAs online through the eTMA system unless there are some difficulties which prevent you from doing so. What was it like? Teaching and assessment Support from your tutor You will have a tutor who will help you with the study material and mark and comment on a2155 written work, and whom you can ask for advice and guidance both in online forums and by telephone or email.

However two things saved me, one of which was the fact that my tutor is a poet and she ran an excellent tutorial that demystified it.

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Places were important and indirectly established a chronology: Mixed payments We know that sometimes you may want to combine payment options. The harder I worked to demonstrate the skills taught on the course in my assignments, the lower my resultant marks were.

The tutor groups are certainly something, it seems, to be aware of.

ou creative writing a215

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