They impart basic and indigenous knowledge among the students to enhance their skills by means of theoretical materials, practicing such skills e. The field practicum students apply values, principles and code of ethics in accordance with social structure of Bangladesh to address problems of the clients. Bangladesher Janosnkha Samosya Dhaka: Ideologically, the mission of P2TP2A in helping the victims of wife abuse focusing on family harmony or family preservation. Although it originated in s with the suggestions and direct supervision of United Nations and which was in fact copied from Western social work approach without taking local contexts into consideration, the education of social work does not seem to have changed much to fit the situations that prevail in our society. As evident after the tsunami disaster in Aceh , social work education and practice in Indonesia has been largely influenced by social workers, volunteers, and international humanitarian organization workers who provided assistance then.

The debate on western social work education and indigenization will continue for some time to come Fahrudin, Issues in the development of indigenous social work in Indonesia is related to religion and the local culture. The curriculum of social work has witnessed different modifications, accommodation, incorporation etc aiming at standardizing social work education followed at university level where it is taught. For good example, Vasudevan has mentioned the “integrating spirituality, meditation, religious activities in to social work practice in Sri Lanka” p. That is how the retired professors contributed to the process of indigenization of social work education in the country. Indigenous literatures help indigenize social work education in Bangladesh. The unifying purpose of social work is to promote a mutually beneficial interaction between individuals and society in order to improve the quality of life for everyone NASW, , cited in Zastrow,

Right to engage in peaceful job contracting.

This method has been applied at a certain degree but in general it still poses many challenges to apply. History and Philosophy in Bangla.

They lack understanding of the goal, philosophy and procedure of field work as well as professional social work. Towards Cuturally Relevant Education and Practice. Findings of informal discussions with retired professors: Linguistics and language phikippines in the Philippines and beyond, Chapter: Although very recently some classrooms of social work schools in ISWR have been decorated with LCD Projectors and whiteboards but it is not at par with the requirement.


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Development Strategies for Bangladesh Dhaka: The Politics of Indigenization: So, it is not only Western social work education that works, rather Western social work education needs to be made philkppines that can only be effectively applicable in the context of Bangladesh.

The political, social and economic changes in Indonesia also influenced social work education.

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Social workers locally learn the techniques of negotiation through which they engage themselves in resolving many conflicting situations which generally ensures successful application of social work knowledge in a local culture. Towards a global, multidirectional model of technology transfer.

According to revisions of Code of Ethics approved by the NASW Delegate Assembly inthe mission of the social phili;pines profession is rooted in six core values. Muhammadiyah actively shapes the politics of Indonesia; however Muhammadiyah is not a political party, instead devoting itself to social and educational activities.

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Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare 5th edition. However, writing skills, tight schedules and lack of mentorships are among the constraints for the lecturers to reaymade and publish their own books. Further discussion of indigenization in social work: The same team also visited Dhaka, the then capital of East Pakistan for the same purpose after concluding their visits in West Pakistan in Historically, social work education in Indonesia accepts and adapts more models from the Western social work education.

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The purpose of the course is to understand the management of social service system. Religious approach reaydmade not considered essential because some religious thoughts are presumed to be bias toward women or justify violence toward women Rusyidi, In addition, currently some private universities such as Peoples University, University of Information Technology and Sciences UITS and Gono Bishwabidyalay are offering four- year graduation and one year masters programs for social work students in the country.


Most of the students enjoyed theoretical knowledge of social work in the classroom, but had lots of difficulties while they tried to apply that knowledge at field level during their internship. Although steps were undertaken to improve the curriculum of social work to make it most modern by incorporating new courses which were again innovated philippinez the Western social work education, little efforts were so far identified to formulate and implement some concrete planning to make Western influenced readymase work education which was still running more indigenized.

Thus, it is difficult for the students to relate local socioeconomic and psycho-social situations of Bangladesh. During readymaade tenure in the department of social work, students used to be sent to different slums located at different places so that students could learn multiple problems of slum dwellers and they could also learn as to how social work could be practiced with the slum dwellers in our context.

The method believes that thesiss positive and guided behavior is resulted from a clean and pure soul. Development of social work education in Bangladesh and need for Asia-Pacific regional cooperation.


In the world, while most of its traffic comes. Spotcheck Penanganan Korban Tindak Kekerasan: Thus, due to sudden policy change in recruitment, the professionalism attached to social work discipline was overnight ignored and legacy of the service was defunct. Field Work Manual Dhaka: One of the most important issues facing social work education in Indonesia today is as follows; how can students be taught social work in a way that is personally meaningful to them, directly related to the developmental functions of the country and its own cultural context?

They apply their knowledge, values and skills to improve services for others above philippknes for the well-being of the people.

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