Given the important contribution of the Tanods, the Local Government Units should endeavor to lobby for the approval of pending bills at the lower and upper houses that would increase the benefit of the Tanods such:. After the interview materials and equipment used by the peace and order committee together with the Barangay Peace and Security Officer or the tanod were presented to the researcher and has been photographed for documentation. By Lady Carl Lorenzo. Peace and Order Keeping for Security: The target time will be from 8:

The number of incidents from nationalist separatist groups has remained relatively stable in the years since while religious extremism has grown. A simple random sampling will used in selecting respondents and barangays. This study will provide a better information about their responsibilities as a citizen in the country and sustaining their minds about peace and order. Methodology This study used the descriptive research design. Thesis about barangay health center – Bullying thesis. Recognized household head or any person from the household who can truthfully answer. The barangay tanod is a registered group of Barangay residents who serve in the barangay by providing free services to prevent crime, maintain safety, calmness and order.

Thesis about barangay tanod

What are the possible recommendations in order to maintain the peace and order in Damulog, Bukidnon. In order to gather data, the researcher conducted personal interviews to the head of the peace and order committees of the subject barangays.

The barangay tanod is a community brigade composed of civilian volunteers appointed by the Punong Barangay upon recommendation of the Barangay Peace Final Thesis A barangay tanod, also known as a barangay police officer– and sometimes as BPSO which can stand for barangay peace and security officer, Automated Record System of Barangay 38 a Thesis Tanod – WikipediaA barangay tanod, also known as a barangay police officer– and sometimes as BPSO Chapter 1 Introduction A Barangay also known as barrio in its former name is the smallest local government unit in the Philippines and is the native Introduction Of Barangay Tanod In The Enforcement Of Barngay Ordinance.

Results have shown the willingness of respondents consisting of local community residents to provide him with support, be it food during ronda or even legal support. More people are reading the Guardian than ever but advertising revenues across the media are falling fast. What is the level of performance of barangay tanod as perceived by themselves as an entire group and when classified according to age, educational attainment, length of service, and trainings?


The distribution of authority is an important process within the organization. The assessment is limited only to the Province of Laguna, consisting of selected municipalities and the City of San Pablo. Barangay tanod is an organization composed of trained men to protect and serve the community against lawless elements and this theory manifest that as an organization it should be cooperative in establishing and maintaining good communication for its effectiveness.

thesis about barangay tanod

This study will provide a better ranod about their responsibilities as a citizen in the country and sustaining their minds about peace and order. In terms of security 2. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria. Peace and order in local communities means a feeling of a common sentiment of security among the residents.

thesis about barangay tanod

A no significant differences were noted in the performance of barangay tanod classified as to various categories. To the citizens of Damulog, Bukidnon.

Each individual from the family should mindful of wrongdoings and its awful impacts. As a thessi elected official of the province, he braangay informally his research by making the intended subject a recipient of his provincial allocation. Although they are given some incentives pursuant to the Local Government Code, these are often not commensurate to the type of risks that are inherent in the nature of the job that they perform.

The number of incidents from nationalist separatist groups has remained relatively stable in the years since while religious extremism has grown.

Performance of barangay tanod

The barangay tanod brigade plays an important role in the development and progress of the barangay. The number of barangay tanods differ. These concepts are related to the present study and will serve as a backbone in his research. Utilization of tri-media should be fully optimized highlighting the role of Barangay Tanods in keeping the community safe and secured and its role in national security.


Thesis about barangay tanod

Not only are they considered as effective force multipliers but also reliable partners of the government in its various program, from information dissemination to protection of the environment.

These manifest the seriousness and dedication of barangay tanod in performing their task as law enforcers in the barangay. Significance of the Study The findings of the study can be useful to the following: Interview with stakeholders, local government officials, as well as focused group discussion among experts, were also conducted to deepen the assessment of Barangay Tanods Performance.

As to training attended, those with 5 times and below had a high performance and a very high performance for those who have more than 5 times of training attended.

The Problem and It’s Scope

Understanding their role can lead to better execution of existing laws affecting Barangays and adoption of policies that may enhance Barangay Tanods participation in the area of monitoring peace and order.

The second frame refers to the process include the steps in the conduct of the study while the third frame shows the output consists of the level of perception of the respondents on effectiveness of police community relation The line from the output leading back to process and input is called the Feedback which means that there is a continuing process and when there are errors committed along the line, the researcher may go back either to the process or output.

In this sense, the upkeep of peace and request is a piece of the establishment for veritable, community based improvement.

barsngay The respondents of the study were the one hundred eight respondents were able to participate in the survey. However, such benefits are still not commensurate with the services and the commitment being provided by the Barangay Tanod members. Towards a Citizen-Driven Justice System: When classified as to age, the level of performance was high.

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