If you have your proposal which serves as your draft introductory chapter and about half the body of the thesis written by mid-April, you will be in good shape. At least 20 working days prior to the oral exam give a copy of your signed request form and a copy of your draft thesis to the graduate secretary, submit the original form to Graduate Studies with a copy of your thesis. Return to primary navigation. Draft material as you go along. Return to page content.

Your work may be deemed inadequate for the doctoral degree. Check with Graduate Admission and Records not Accounting to be sure that you do not owe any money to the University. If your dissertation is larger than Mb or you have appendices or ancillary information for the examiners such as a performance video you will have to bring your dissertation and ancillary materials to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies appropriately formatted on a DVD. Return to secondary navigation. Return to page content.

You will probably have ideas of your own about how to revise the thesis in order to make it stronger. Skip to global menu. Return to global menu.

Also, be prepared to think about other possible topics that may dffence closer to your prospective advisor’s current interests or that may be more feasible at UVic. The external examiner must be from outside of the university. Six months work is enough to bring your thesis to a successful conclusion.

Master’s oral exam announcements – University of Victoria

There may be a second round of questions, and the exam Chair may also have a question rarely. Set yourself strict deadlines. Graduate Studies will provide a copy of the thesis to the chair of the examination. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search.


uvic thesis defence

Keep that in mind when defece develop your thesis proposal. See the Graduate Studies website for other thesis resources to help prepare your thesis, including the thesis checklist and thesis formatting guidelines. Skip to secondary navigation. A thesis is your own project and you have to design it and execute it yourself.

uvic thesis defence

Submit 5-page thesis proposal to your supervisor January: You have to give yourself time to summarize literature that you need to understand, uvix work out various ideas on paper, to try different lines of approach to your subject and to experiment with what you want to say and how to say it.

You may be able to make formal arrangements with Accounting Services for payment later.

Guidelines for oral examinations

Once your supervisor has approved your final version, follow the UVic Library instructions on how to upload it to UVicSpace.

And to present his research evidence about how underwater cameras and live-streaming technology will revolutionize ocean education, Irvine will don flippers and a high-tech communications mask and leap into the Salish Sea to defend his thesis underwater. Or, you may be considering one theorist or mode of analysis in chapter A and a different theorist or mode of analysis in chapter B. Remember, you also need to have a thesis committee, and you need to allow the committee four weeks hhesis read your final manuscript before you can defend it!


This is the crunch period.

MSc and PhD oral defense

Please have your supervisor approve your thesis topic and give a copy of it to the Graduate Advisor who will place a copy in your file. Anyone in the world will be able to follow it live via YouTube.

You will have entered the program with some ideas about what you might do in the way of thesis research. Final documents must be received in GARO by the final business day of the month. In the next, you may be setting out what you think is a more adequate account.

Develop your analysis May – June: Member signatures may be acquired in any order, except that the supervisor s must sign first, and the graduate advisor last.

This gives you two months to focus entirely on your thesis.

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uvic thesis defence

Preliminary thesis proposal and work plan: The hypothesis or idea with which you start is just a preliminary formulation that helps you get oriented toward your work and enables you to sort through what you have to do to complete the project successfully. If you follow the Thesis Completion Timeline below you are much more likely to finish in the time expected.

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